Game froze and didn't give me all my challenges

I completed the bank heist mission on Master difficulty, silent assassin, SA suit only, sniper assassin, suit only and no evidence. Immediately after completing the mission when escaping through the executive exit, the game froze and said it couldn’t access the menu that was trying to load. I retried several times to no success. I closed the game and restarted it to find that it gave me all of the individual challenges for all difficulties EXCEPT “The Classics”. I can go through all of my challenges and see that I unlocked all of the individual challenges but “The Classics” all show that I only unlocked some of them. I replayed master difficulty and did the same thing by reloading the save I made in my original run and I still don’t have “the classics” unlocked. What can I do?

The only thing I can suggest is that you may have to just do it again without relying on an old save. Doing it from scratch all the way through might solve it.

Trying now. Will update if it works. I just don’t how the server can tell I completed the other challenges but not give me the classics.

I replayed the mission and completed all the requirements and still did not unlock “The Classics”

When the game first launched, I had a similar issue. I fixed it by deleting my local copy of my profile data, which was redownloaded when I relaunched the game and connected to the servers.

I was then able to recomplete the challenges.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have worked for me either. When I complete the mission, I get the same results and the challenges are still locked. Professional and casual show 4/5 and master shows 2/5 but I have all the required challenges unlocked.

I have a similar issue, I have unlocked mastery level 10 on the bank and should have the new sawn of shotgun but it’s not showing up in my load out options any suggestions

Hi, this happened to you 21 days ago, was wondering if you were able to find a solution and get the missing challenges awarded?

Unfortunately I have not, however, on another mission, the ICA training facility, after exploring all locations it didn’t unlock the challenge for going into every location originally, however I noticed recently that it finally gave it to me to at some point so I’m just hoping the bank challenges eventually unlock.

You need to message IO with which platform you’re on, account name, screenshot of the completed challenge and that you didn’t recieve the unlock.
Now would be a good time to notify them since they are working on yesterdays happening with a similar issue to yours, as you can see from the tweet.

Already did that and nothing has happened. You keep posting the same messages over an over. There are 100’s of us this has happened to in the past several weeks and nobody has received the items/starting locations and stashes. So obviously ioi has no clue at this time how to fix it. Are you one of their employees? Have you had this happen and they fixed it?

You’re not the only one with the issue. Be patient. You will get the items.

And some of them haven’t even messaged IO or posted in the bug thread.

Ok this proves that you don’t know anything about this issue.

I know some that haven’t had their items recieved because of disconnection or the game froze and they got their item after a hotfix.

The "100s’ you’re talking about are very random, until yesterday.

IO doesn’t have a tracker if someone didnt recieve an item because of a dc or game crash, how could they possibly know without letting them know about it?
So they saw lots of reports and messages yesterday because of the server outage and they’re working on it.

Well you don’t seem to understand that you’re not the only one with the issue and they can’t fix it by snapping their fingers. It takes time.

They have reached out and tweeted that they are working on it. What more do you want.

Now instead of asking every hour about it, because that won’t fix anything, be patient and you’ll get whatever items you haven’t gotten yet.