Game keeps Crashing

My game keeps crashing after a map load, then play for a little bit, move the mouse around too fast and then game freezes, crashes, Epic Launcher reopens.

Before anyone tells me to update my drivers, uninstall and reinstall the game, verify the game on Epic, google troubleshooting guides, I’ve done all that. My computer specs can handle the game just fine, no other game is an issue. Epic support is incompetent and it seems like IOI is impossible to get a hold of. I need real solutions here.

I don’t know if it still the case for HITMAN 3, but for HITMAN 2 using Razer soft/hardware will almost definitely lead to described problem.
If you using any Razer things, try to uninstall them and try again.

Also try to delete this file:
C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\IO Interactive\HITMAN3\ShaderCache.bin

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I don’t have any Razer software or hardware. After deleting that file, my game couldn’t even launch after the H3 launch menu.

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Ok, if you using Nvidia graphics card try to delete your GPU driver and GeForce Experience, reboot your PC, install both (or only a driver, if you not using GE) back again and while installation tick an option of “Clean Install” that will be available on some stage of installation, after installation complete reboot your PC again and try to launch the game one more time

I don’t use Nvidia graphics card. I had it working yesterday for a short while, but now it’s still broken and crashing more.