Game Laggy As

So usually I get around 60-75fps perfectly fine but recently I’ve come across something weird. Whenever I load a save it just dips down to 20-30fps and stays that way till I restart the game and its borderline unplayable. Anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?

Any save? aaaaaaaaaa

yep, Auto or manual all slots

Specs? Verified gamefiles?

Ill get back to you on that one, gotta go now

Try do this

Nah didn’t help :frowning:
Thanks for trying

Yep i’ve verified the files a couple times
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6gb
Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6Ghz (8 core)
32GB of RAM
64bit Windows 10 Home Version 1903
This is all in a Laptop - MSI GT72VR 7re

I’d also like to clarify whether I’m on the lowest settings or the highest the fps barely changes

Can you try playing without Antivir? And check if your Steam folder is write-protected!

I see you already been advised to fix Cloud saves by renaming the folder with save files.
Have you done this? How did the game work after it?

If you have issues after loading the save game, but can play normally with the new game, I can assume that your HDD/SSD is broken.
To check that, move the game to another partition or, what’s better, to another hard drive.
If you still will have issues we will work on another solutions, but if you could play normally after that, then it means that your current drive is bad and should be replaced as soon as possible

Yeah i’ve done the cloud save thing. It stopped my game from crashing but i’ve had this issue much longer and it hasn’t changed anything. Ill try moving it to my ssd see if that helps?

I also just tried playing it directly after the last fix you suggested and it was lagging right away so i’m even more confused

Also if you have any antivirus, try to disable it completely as mow saying and try the game.

Besides, I personally don’t like 1903 build, because after I upgraded, I started having issues not only with the game, but with the whole system. As a result I was forced to reinstall Windows with previous build (1809 in my case) and I don’t have any issues with that

Yeah I actually don’t have antivirus software at all (just try to be safe on the internet).
How do I check if the folder is write protected?

After deleting shader cache, it’s normal if game gets lags at first launch.
System just have to create another cache. It should fix itself once cache is created

Ah well i’ll try playing the game for a bit and see what happens. Also don’t have enough storage on my ssd. How do i partition it?

How many disks you have in This PC?
Only one (usually C:/) or a few more?

Also make sure the disks that have the game and Steam are not full

Microsoft Defender is free for Windows 10
Right-click on your steam folder and uncheck Write-protection

I had it as read-only? I’ve unchecked that, is that what you meant?

I have a 250GB ssd which doesn’t have the room for the game (Thats my C:/) and a 1TB HDD which is where the game is rn (D:/)