Game not launching

So I bought the game on steam some months ago it was working fine and everything and then I tried playing it today and it didn’t work I just launched it and then I got a black screen and it closed I’ve tried reinstalling it and I’ve tried installing a mod to skip the intro screen and that didn’t work and I’ve tried verifying the game and I can go into the options in the launcher but I can’t get to change the exclusive fullscreen to a different one before it crashes and I’ve tried the -skip_launcher command.

Last time you played did you tinker with the files?

No all i did was just install it and then play it.

Hmm I’ll redirect you to the Bug Thread if anything restore the original files then uninstall and reinstall.

Try to upgrade or downgrade the grapics card drivers.
Also might help just to restore Windows state to a bit earlier when everything was working.
Did you install other programs? Try to delete them.
You may also check Windows Journal for some errors. If there are errors connected to hitman2.exe application it might help if you copy-paste the details here, or just post a screenshot with error details here

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THIS…as an IT guy by profession, I cannot tell you how many times graphics drivers have been an issue. Windows update will often update graphics drivers to Microsoft ones, which aren’t always as good. I recommend finding the latest drivers from the manufacturer, uninstalling the existing one in your device manager and installing the fresh download.

EDIT: ESPECIALLY since you posted this on a Wednesday…Microsoft’s patch day is a Tuesday.

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We already solved this issue in Bug Report Thread.
The problem was in corrupted Razor mouse software

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