Game screen getting darker

My game keeps getting darker and darker to the point i can barely see the stairs in the Constant’s office or the outside doorway to the morgue. It’s not my tv settings, i checked plus i just got a new tv. Could it be my actual disk? Any ideas/Solutions? The game is becoming practically unplayable. Please help.

Please describe which platform you play on, and perhaps you should also see if other games also have this issue. Finally, maybe provide some screenshots and post this issue on this thread instead. Maybe you can find some help there:

The screen is supposed to get darker during light to dark transitions and vice versa. I have heard people say it can get stuck in the darker mode, but I’ve never seen it actually happen myself in 100 hours.

I’m experiencing periods when screen goes fade out to completely black from normal.
After couple of seconds screen goes to normal again.
It happens mainly after or while PIP window is shown. And in some other cases.
I can’t show you example of it right now, but when I’m able, I’ll upload a video.

I saw couple of people said they experiencing the same so maybe they can provide video-example of it faster

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I’ve been having that happen lately. I heard on @cjgarof and @mendietinha stream that it happens when you use instinct before or while entering another area.

Nevermind, what OP is explaining seems to be something else

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PSand this is the only game it’s happening on.

Sorry meant to say I’m on PS4

Does it get back to normal lightning after 2 seconds or does it stay dark forever?

Dark forever. Can’t hardly see to play sgail

Well okay. This is strange, because I also play on PS4, and it doesn’t seem happen to me. :thinking: You may try posting this on the technical support thread, so the community team can see this.

I thought i was on the technical support thread ?

Can you link me to that or post for me? I’m new to all this , it’s my first day here. Thanks

Here. Click it, then click the green ‘reply’ button at the very end of the thread and post your issue.

I followed the link, scrolled down forever and saw no green reply button at the end? I’m sure it’s user error

No worries. I saw your post, which replied to a wrong post, though, but it’s fine.

The green reply button is always there, unless you’re using a mobile device, then the reply button is blue.

(You can also just press ‘End’ to reach bottom of a post, btw.)

Don’t see an end button either!

Also how do i attach screen shots?

While composing a reply find this button and hit it.
Then choose the image from your device, attach it and wait till it’s uploaded.
That’s it

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Ah. sorry. I mean the ‘End’ key on your keyboard.

Not on a keyboard on a PS4 controller