Game starts to black screen

Hello there, I have a big problem with Hitman 2016 game. I’ve alreay spent 24 hours in the game, but for some reason, since today, I can’t play it anymore. When I press play in the launcher, it only opens up black screen with steam overlay and that’s it.

I’ve tried many things - validating files, updating GPU drivers, changing settings (dx 11/12, windowed/fullscreen), reinstalled dx redist, performed sfc scan, turning off all background apps, restarted PC twice, disabling launcher and nothing worked…

My rig:
Windows 10 64 bit
GTX 1060 6GB
i5 4460

I’ve seen multiple people complaining about this on steam, but there is no answer or any available solution… what should I do?

EDIT: I’ve managed to reinstall the game and surprise surprise, it stil DOESN’T work… what is wrong with this game? what more can I do?

I have same problem on my xbox thou, i keep resetting the game but it then causes my xbox to turn off for no reason.

I’m having the same problem as well and wasn’t having any issues before today; makes me wonder if that update they released today has caused some issues. I’m not really happy right now at all…

The update broke my definitive edition. I no longer have any bonus content and cannot get it back even after trying restore licenses and complete reinstall.

i can’t get the game to work at all now since that update and since I don’t have internet at home I will most likely have to reinstall the game at the library (which will take 5.5 hours to do). Plus my whole YouTube channel is all about “HITMAN” so basically until this gets fixed I’m dead in the water…DAMMIT!

Hello anyone, any progress on this? I’m noticing an increasing number of players including myself both here and on the Steam forums with weeks between complaints and no one having an answer, my game was working just fine like OP’s then today it just decided to give me a black screen after the launcher that terminates. Nothing I’ve done that includes reinstalling, rollbacks, driver updates, ect. will fix the issue. I really love Hitman but don’t have high confidence in buying Hitman 2 if it too will just mysteriously not work on me one day after having ran flawlessly - if anyone else has some answers or fixes for this I’d love to know 'cause I’m livid the work I’ve put in to try and fix this.

They are incredibly quiet about this and I interpret it as if they didn’t know what causes the problem so they think if they’ll ignore the problem long enough, it will just disappear…

This and their collaboration with WB games made me change my mind about buying the Hitman 2 and I would recommend you to do the same… they never adressed this, so Hitman 2 can have the same problems

I’ll buy it after 2 years for 5€ max because of it…

ANYONE HAVE A FIX? I’m having the same problem and I have been searching.

My rig is

  1. Asus Maximus ROG Hero XI
  2. Intel i9 9900k
  3. DDR 4 G SKILL 3600 - 16gigs
  4. Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  5. MSI AMOR 1080ti 11gig

Many people are having similar issues related to Hitman 2016 and it hasn’t been fixed yet