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Community news channel about sales/ discounts on any games.

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Steam sale on Rise of the Tomb Raider -

Tomb Raider Collection BUNDLE is on sale for 81% discount.
Rise of the Tomb Raider is on sale for 50% discount.

Deal ends on 21st Nov.

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HITMAN (2016) is off 50% on Steam at the moment. The offer ends in…you guessed it…47 hours from now.


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titanfall 2 is 33% off on origin

So the PS Store is doing a ‘buy 1, get 1 free’ sale right now. I’m thinking of getting The Witcher 3 and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.
Are these games worth buying, and would you guys recommend them?

ME: Catalyst is fun enough but it can get boring quickly. In short bursts it’s very enjoyable, imo. Although I didn’t enjoy The Witcher 3, general consensus seems to be that it’s fantastic so go with your gut :smile:

31 games this december and its for a good cause!

Wha… what?!

How far does this deal extend to?

You can find all information here:

But I’m not sure if this is only for the European store or for all stores. is giving away Mount & Blade for free for the next 27 hours. Grab it before the offer expires!

They have a great sale on Resident Evil games on the UK PSN at the moment including 4, 5 and 6 for twenty pounds :smiley:

1 Like is having The Most Wanted Games Sale with 150+ most wishlisted games up to 85% off (ends April 23). Too bad I never wishlisted any games. :laughing: I should start doing that from now on.

Mini Ninjas is free until May 15! (Steam Code)


Summer Sale started today on with 1000+ deals up to -90% (ends on June 18).

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Just noticed a pricing bug in Steam for Shadow of War. If anyone is interested, do grab it quickly.

1 Like is giving away Shadow Warrior 2 for free. It’s available for the next 5 hours. Grab it now!

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Croft Edition is off 47% at the moment on Steam.

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Steam is currently doing their Halloween sale, but alot of non-horror games are up on sale as well right now. Worth checking your wishlist.


Awesome discount on Halloween sales. Unfortunately i’m not geting my money until next week :confused:


Cya on November sales i guess :wink: