Games with a Hitman Style Sandbox

One of my favorite things about Hitman is the sandbox. I just love how you’re given an objective, and then let loose on a large map with a countless number of methods to complete the objective. I’ve wanted to play something similar for a while but searching for sandbox games just give you open-world games, which isn’t really what I’m looking for. I was disappointed with Modern Warfare (2019)'s spec-ops mode because they way it was advertised made it seem like it would have a sandbox like this. It probably does, but because of the insane difficulty, you can’t really play sandbox.

Does anybody know of any games with a similar sandbox? I know Hitman is pretty unique but I still think, somewhere, there’s a game with the sandbox I desire.

I’m having serious doubts here but I’ll put in my two cents. Maybe…

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

You can run around shooting at Americans in Cuba in the 1970s, stealth atmosphere. Sounds good enough, right?


I’m pretty sure it was US Military Base (Guantanamo?)


Sniper elite 4, dishonored, deus ex: mankind divided come to mind

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I might check out Dishonored 2 since it’s on Xbox Gamepass, but doesn’t Sniper Elite 4 not have linear levels?

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Ground Zeroes is DLC right? I played the base game and thought it was okay, didn’t get too far into it though.

Sniper Elite 4 has open-ended levels like Hitman.

You’ve got a main target located on one part of the huge maps, and in different areas there’s sub-objectives to complete. (Like find enemy intel in a camp, or explode their supplies, or kill this high-ranking officer, etc.)
You’ve also got a bunch of gadgets and tools so you can manipulate NPCs and set traps.


Sniper Elite 4 is for me the closest to hitman sandbox levels. You can approach every level in the way you prefer.
You can go for unseen "Ghost kills only (which comes close to “Silent Assassin” Rating) or just clean the whole map, do all secondary, Melee only, you can set your own challenges that fit your playstyle .
It’s also possible to speedrun the levels with a good plan, lot’s of different and unique approaches possible.

You have a huge arsenal of attack possibilities and combination:
Pistols, SMG, Assault Rifles, Panzerfaust, LMG, Melee Attacks, Stealth Melee attacks, Granades, TNT, 3 trap types,

Enviroment allows Explosion accidents, falling objective accidents and distractions
Sniper Elite 4 is a bit like Colorado. There are nearly no civilians, only armed guards. So one mistake or missed shot can bring you in trouble. You can hide in foliage, crouch or lie down to minimize the radius of getting spotted (which is very nicely visualized in the mini map). In night levels or dark rooms you can shoot lamps/light sources for the same effect.

There different ways to lure and kills targets:
Shoot lamps, generators, throw a stone or whistle, let others find a dead body to lure a group for a multi kill granade shot, shoot the granade on belts
You can use silenced or unsilenced ammo for pistols and rifles
You can soundmask your shots with envormental noise (broken generator, a canon shooting, planes passing, explosions and many more)
Triangling: Shoot a target loud, change position, shoot target 2, change position,… to confuse the enemy.

SE4 controls are pretty close to hitman and you also have 3rd person view.
The more you play the game and come back the more interesting it gets.


I’ll definitely check that out. Luckily it’s on Gamepass so I’m not losing anything if I don’t enjoy it.
I played a tiny bit of the first Sniper Elite, so that’s why I thought it was linear. Thanks.

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Far Cry 2 - you’re a merc, you have a mission and the rest is up to you.

E.g. Faction wants you to destroy a giant gas tank that belongs to their rivals. After that you can do whatever:

  1. Recon the area and sneak in during the night using silenced weapons and plant a bomb, exfiltrate and blow it up

  2. Go in guns blazing and blow it all up

  3. Use flamethrower and fire physics to cause a fire spead to the said tank and blow it all up.

  4. Contact in-game buddy and steal the tank to sell it behind the backs of everyone as an alternative approach.

One of the best approach-how-you-want-it games ever.


Ground Zeroes is either available as a standalone game, or as a part of the “Definitive Experience” full package for MGSV.

It’s its own self-contained map that doesn’t appear in the main story – and functions as a prologue to The Phantom Pain. Regarding gameplay and freedom of movement it’s very very much worth it.
A main objective, lots of smaller objectives (like other NPCs to save), a bunch of bonus missions that change the map a bit (like stealthing in daytime or doing an on-rails helicopter shooter). I played the game sooo much when I first got it. If you like stealth, get Ground Zeroes at least.

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I love Far Cry 2!
I got it for free last year when it was free with Xbox Live and it’s one of my favorite games ever.

I 100% agree. I remember one time I was dealing with a guard post, so I blew up one of their jeeps to create a distraction, then took one of their turrets and got them from behind.

Also try immersive sim sandboxes - Deus Ex, Dishonored. Always hit the right spot for me.

Deus Ex, Human Revolution, Mankind Divided, Dishonored 1, 2 and Death of the Outsider - quite a few games to play.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is clunky and has dumb AI but most realistic approaches work there and it’s quite immersive. Also gives you a total freedom after a short tutorial. I cursed and complained while playing it but it scratched the “planning” itch somewhat.

I’m also surprised no mentioned Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War yet. It’s basically Middle-Earth Orc assassination sandbox and it’s so much fun due to Nemesis system which allows Uruk captains to remember your actions and even return after death with scars and prosthetics.

The higher level you and enemies are, the more skill and planning goes into assassinations.

Alekhine’s Gun comes pretty close to Hitman.

I bought Alekhine’s Gun for £2 on ps4, i wanted my money back


Probably not as bad as The Slater. I’ve only seen gameplay but it looks horrible.

It’s an American base in Cuba, let’s agree to disagree.

US Military Black Site called Camp Omega.


Death to Spies.
You play as a Soviet spy behind enemy lines during WWII. You can use disguises, drive vehicles. There’s a bit more features than in classic Hitman games, you can prone to hide in bushes or in snow. It’s sort of like Metal Gear Solid meets Hitman. Good game, but pretty difficult, more on the Contracts and even SA side. There’s also a sequel. It’s on Steam but way cheaper on GoG because of the Quarantine sale, less than a euro.