Gear ideas!

So far I’m a little disappointed by the lack of new gear in hitman 2. The Taser and micro stuff is cool but a lot of items are just the exact same as the one in hitman 1 but with a sticker on it. I almost always end up bringing the lockpick and coin. I have some suggestions:

-remote spark device - place next to gas lamp, oil spill, or propane tank to detonate remotely
-water ballon - portable puddle
-Proximity knock down device - this would not knock them unconscious, just to the ground like a leg shot. This would send them into a panic or a target into lockdown without panicking anyone around them like an explosion would. It could also allow 47 to knock them out if he’s nearby, and separate guards (like any suspicious item)
Atomizer - single use melee only device which kills and disintegrates (hides body) an npc. It sounds super op so to balance it out it should be super loud and take a long time to fully hide the body. It would leave behind a pile of ash which would act like a blood stain on master difficulty.

Some of these would probably be way to powerful and need testing so it’s understandable that they wouldn’t all make it into the game, but there really ought to be more cool gadgets than there is and it’s not like there aren’t any real options. Hopefully a developer reads this, thanks if you do! If anyone else has any cool ideas I’d love to see it here!

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Sanguine Shopping Bag - Lets you carry around a disguise while not wearing it. Level 20 Mastery Unlock for the inevitable mall mission


Disguise smuggling is lame and should not be implemented at any cost.
If IOI does some shit like that, I will be saying goodbye to Hitman franchise.


A remotely controllable drone with a single-shot + a drop of a grenade. :wink:

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Some kind of device that will block radio frequencies, for two reasons:

  1. To prevent guards from calling in other guards, so the guard will be on his own.
  2. To mute Diana Kappa

-remote spark device - place next to gas lamp, oil spill, or propane tank to detonate remotely

You can actually use the ICA Remote Taser to do this I think.

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  1. Taser already does that
  2. too OP
  3. actually pretty cool
  4. just wtf

A heavy machine gun. Extremely powerful but always suspicious regardless of the disguise. When you want to kill everyone during a mission. I would’ve suggested a minigun instead, but 47 pulling a minigun out of an ICA briefcase is pretty ridiculous. Also walking around at snail peace was worse enough in Asylum Aftermath but would be an outright nightmare on the huge HITMAN 2 maps.

Completely ditching an entire franchise because they implemented a feature you don’t like is really dumb.


Here’s the ones from me:

Binary Poison

Batman-style Grapnel Hook Gun for climbing only.


-Suitcase gun (slightly different to pulling out a gun from the briefcase in that the idea is you press H to “insta vanish” the gun into a briefcase but cannot hide anything else in it).

-Poison tip cane (can deliver poison + Melee weapon + Not Suspicious). Also can be a Suppressed Cane Gun Firearm if poison is not preferred by designers.

-Bladed Credit Card (see: “Glimmer Man”)

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  • Kalmer 1 with Emetic Poison (or a new gun, mini-crossbow-gun maybe)
  • EMP device to disable cameras for 10 sec
  • Sedative Poison Srynge (100% silent)
  • Something to lock doors, so you can stop hunting guards
  • Binoculars (always in your inventory for better exploration)

Umbrella gun that shoots poison pellets.

Bulgarian Secret Service style!

Smelling salts.

So we can wake these fool NPCs up.

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Sadly I can’t go on about the lack of variety in the unlokable firearms, but I do have some gear ideas that I think would be fun.

ICA Taser Watch - A taser disguised as an ordinary metal watch. When an NPC sees the watch, as with the ICA Explosive Phone, they will pocket it and continue on their route. At any point 47 can remotely detonate the taser, causing them to be fatally shocked.

ICA Explosive Book - A medium explosive device concealed within a book. Can be placed down and will not arouse suspicion when seen, but can be remotely detonated at any time.

Poison Dart Pen - A pen that conceals a single lethally poisonous dart. 47 can carry the pen out, but when he clicks the cap and holds it up to his mouth, that is a suspicious action. The dart will silently kill a single NPC and then the pen is useless.

Poison Ball - A small, unnoticeable glass ball carrying a gaseous, fatal poison. When stepped on will immediately kill the stepper and anyone in a close vicinity.

Little cheating, but I also want for there to be a special animation that plays when you directionally attack someone with the pistol out. I don’t like how they just get punched, so some kind of (still loud) shooting animations for the positions around the NPC would be cool (for instance, he grabs their throat their shoulder and shoots them twice in the stomach from the front, etc.)

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Sorry to revive this thread after 8 months but I had an idea I really wanted to share but didn’t think it was necessary to make a whole new topic.
I think a kind of remote sniper would be quite interesting. You could set it up in the right position and lock onto a spot and then get one shot by pressing a remote. Similar to how the kashmirians gun is set up. Maybe wouldn’t be so good for actually hitting people but would definitely be handy for shooting things like chandeliers or the Sapienza telescope. Thought it would be quite interesting.

Explosive briefcase: you can use it like a briefcase, but when u drop it you have a remote control for the explosion!