General Modding Thread

Welcome to the General Modding Thread where we can discuss all thing modding

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For non-hitman modding?

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Basically yes

If anyone wants to mod another game, I would strongly advise going to another forum that specializes in the game you want to mod. That’s my 2 cents.
I’ll eat my words once this thread fills up with content for its intended purpose. :wink:

Some fave mods for Witcher 3:

Resident Evil HD upscaled backgrounds:

Resident Evil 4 HD Project:
Textures, UVMapping, lighting, shadows, 3d models, water effects, etc.
So much love and dedication is put into this project.

Now, some self promotion:
Telltale Game of Thrones - Remove Ripple Effects

Telltale The Wolf Among Us - Hide various UI elements

Autohotkey fix for Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory so diagonal keyboard movement isn’t faster (and louder).

I’ve also modified Jurassic Park and Back to the Future (those big ass on screen buttons! :cry:), but never thought the demand was high enough that I even bother to upload them. Heck, the things I HAVE uploaded is already niche.

When playing older games, always reference for any fixes.
Two prominent sites that feature an extensive list of widescreen fixes:
(Is that still considered modding? Whatevs.)
Unless you’re 100% content with a game “out of the box”, you can never go wrong with mods and tweaks to make a game rise to your standard.


The Best Mod for the best Saints Row. Can only recommend.


@Kcuts_Titogi We discussed the animation swapping on Discord. You can do this in real time with Cheat Engine for temporary effect but if you wish your game to be permanently modded you have to mod any given level’s anim file.

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