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Continuing the thread of the same name from the old forum, created by Choked.

I always find these cool litle bits of info floating around the interwebs, and know people here might like to know whats going on with some projects, some new info about an adaptation or a Trailer for a new film and things like that. But think that the information alone isn’t gonna generate enough conversation for it’s own topic. So i’ll make this thread. And here you can dump things you’ve heard about projects going into production and other things of the sort. It’s basically like the General Gaming thread.” - Choked 11 February 2009.

The thread will serve the same purpose as the original thread.

And to start the thread off

A trailer for the 4th sequel to one my all time favorite movies. One that i can still watch and feel the same way as i did when i was 7 years old.

Oh and a little advertisement for my Star Wars Episode 7 thread.

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Gotta love the piano version of the classic Jurassic Park theme in the trailer

Yeah, it fits so perfectly into the trailer. After this trailer i’m on the verge to re watching it on Blu-ray. I have really big expectations for this movie, that it some how recaptures the magic from Steven Spielberg’s original. I think it has a good chance to do it right.

Looks like shit.

First, and maybe I should withhold judgement, but the CGI dinosaurs and architecture didn’t look believable at all to me during the shots in this trailer.

Second, I don’t give a damn about whatever newfangled sci-fi dinosaur monster they’re putting in this movie. I already saw Godzilla and it was great, and that director should probably be directing this pile, but when I watch Jurassic Park I want to see dinosaurs that I can relate to.

Natural history museums got the handout of all time when the original Jurassic Park made the entire world interested in dinosaurs. Velociraptors still command attention in news headlines because of their Jurassic Park infamy. I always smile when I see a dilophosaurus skeleton in a museum. Kids who are into dinosaurs watch Jurassic Park, see them come to live, and share the excitement of the characters in the film.

Third, they could have hardly fit more callbacks to the first movie into this two-minute trailer. The gate makes sense, but by the time they show us the egg incubator, the amber mosquito, the feeding apparatus, Chris Pratt’s wardrobe, and a road flare, I get the feeling that they’re trying too hard to trick me into projecting my goodwill for the first movie onto this imitation. To say nothing of the obligatory piano theme!

You also see this in such shitty reboots as the Star Wars prequels and the most recent Indiana Jones— movies that make a point to go through what they think are the expected motions, while leaving their heart behind.

And why the fuck would they breed raptors again? I understand writing off the past and reopening the park, but you’d think someone would say, “you know, the velociraptors really aren’t the main attraction here and probably not worth the risk.” Also, why the fuck is Chris Pratt riding around with them on a motorcycle? Are they going to play the fucking Benny Hill theme under this scene?

I think the idea of a fully-functioning Jurassic World is awesome and I was really hoping for something that was more like 28 Weeks Later with a grounded cast of scary dinosaurs. But centering the plot, apparently, on some fictitious super-hybrid-awesome engineered “dinosaur” does little to separate this movie from the last Transformers for me.


Looks like shit


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Well the GCI is very easy to fix, when the first trailer for ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ came out the apes did not look that well made as they did in the final movie.

After original park got shot down (never really opened to the public) all the animals should have died from a lysine deficiency, a supplements that the park’s veterinary staff would give them. This was to counter if any of the wildlife would escape the island. However the Dinosaurs was able to survive without it, which brings me to my point; These Raptors could very well be the descendant of original Raptors, which also was able to breed, even though they where not designed to…umh, life finds away

Which could explain why they was lockup in small cages to begin with, sure it would have made more sense to just kill them off. But what would JP be without these girls?.

After the passing of John Hammond in 1997, International Genetic Technologies (InGen) was acquired by Marani in 1998. (give it a read, it is interesting; and it is a “official” homage for the Marani corporation)

Jurassic World have been operational since 2005, however because a losing interest in the Park and the park not have anything new to show for, meant they where losing visitors. Enter the D-Rex, it’s not much different from the T-rex or even the V-Rex from King Kong. It has the ability to change color to mimic it’s surroundings, other then that it is just very bright like the Raptor. It is not like it can fly, shoot lasers or transform into a Auto-bot.

Here is a leaked picture of the lego model

As you can see other the it being white and has red eyes, as well as better grip then the normal t-rex. It is pretty similar to T-rex/V-rex (V-Rex is what the Dino in King Kong is called and the idea what a T-rex would look like after 65 millions years of evolution)

It changes color? Chameleossaurus Rex?

Who came up with this shit, Hasbro?

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I don’t find it that silly, we have Dinosaurs that changed gender because they choose to use a West African frog (African bullfrog) to complete the DNA puzzle. This time InGen/Marani wanted to create a dino that would help them get more visitors. It is not like nature don’t already have that defense ability, what is more silly is why do the park keep insisting on having Apex predators in their park? (other then the movie would be pretty boring without them.

Edit: I think this video says it very well why this idea is in tone with the original movie, some thing i have thought of myself as well.

To be fair, there was actually a pack of chameleon-like predatory dinosaurs in Michael Crichton’s novel for The Lost World and they were pretty great.

The IGN video is interesting and it does make me more mellow about the concept, if they approach it that way. That said, what’s interesting thematically and what’s interesting from an in-universe point of view isn’t necessarily what a Jurassic Park movie should be. A good parallel might be a movie like The Dark Knight Rises, which was so motivated by its Big Ideas that it largely failed to entertain via what most people bought their ticket for— seeing Batman be a badass.

A lot of your responses to my criticisms of the trailer have been pulled from in-universe explanations, those are arbitrary fictions created to support the creative decisions that I’m taking issue with. In other words, they could have made completely opposite (and better) creative decisions and justified them equally well with in-universe explanations.

There is? i only read the first book. Actually forgot that there was a sequel, think i’m going to look that one up, i really loved the first book, and how they portray John Hammond in the novel, was kinda wired for me to see him in that light. The movie version of him always reminded me of my own grandpa, both in looks and person.

The Lost World is a great book that has very little in common with the movie. The ending is really sudden and lazy, but otherwise it’s a ton of fun.

Reading the books, it’s interesting to see how the last two Jurassic Park movies gleaned ideas from each of them and assembled them in random orders. For example, the opening of The Lost World movie (as you might know) was taken from the beginning of the Jurassic Park novel, and there are sequences in Jurassic Park III that are strikingly similar to sections of both books (notably the exploration of the defunct labs, the riverboat sequence, and the inclusion of pteranodons).

Yeah there are a lot of elements from the fist book that is reused in two sequels. Hm i wonder if there is something in Jurassic World that was part of the first book. It’s almost 6 years since i read it, might read it again in December (i always start reading book in that month).

The books are amazing.
The movie is amazing*.
The trailer is amazing.
I’m looking forward to this.

*- we all know what a shitfest 2 was, and 3 was … eh, I guess it was alright.

The first Teaser trailer for J.J Abrams followup Star Wars movie is now live, for more discussuion on everything Star Wars Episode VII related be sure to check out the Star Wars Episode VII thread.

L. M. A. O.

I tried to like this trailer

So is it a reboot or what? And how do they explain the terminator getting old? Robots age?

I saw some interviews with Arnold and he explained that the metal does not age, but the human flesh, that is on top of it, does age. Which kinda explain “why” T800 is looking old.

But the thing is - this trailer is ridiculous to me. I mean the overused “Come wit meh if yu wanthu live / Imh bahck” lines in the trailer made me laugh. Also the CGI looks worse than in T2 (which is still an amazing movie). And don’t get me starting about the acting and the fact that this is pretty much a 2015 version of T2 plot.

As I understand it it’s a reboot in the style of the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, where the time travel element gives it a sort of soft reboot. Technically the same universe, but a changed timeline.

Arnold is old because he is a termnator that got sent back to kill Sarah’s parents (or something, who the fuck knows anymore), and his organic parts have aged.

As for the story, I guess it might be a copy paste of T2 (then again maybe not, it’s hard to tell from a trailer), but then again T2 was more or less a copy paste of T1 just with the hero and villain “upgraded”.

I’ll watch this. It certainly looks better in the trailer than the horrendous promotional photos that were released (if you haven’t seen them, I am not fucking kidding you it looks like they let an idiot loose on making them).
Fuck it, I’ll just show you:

OK, now watch the trailer again, and it’ll look better.

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[quote=“Kent, post:18, topic:1305”]
OK, now watch the trailer again, and it’ll look better.
[/quote] It didn’t helped, but that pic which you posted above cracked me up. Oh man, thank you xD

Hm i’m not quite sold on this movie, but i hope the next trailers to come will sell it a little better. It is a disapointment, when you look at the other major trailers for both Star Wars VII and Jurassic World.

The CGI is a easy fix, most trailers have a less impressiv CGI then the final product. Both ‘Rise of the planet of the Apes’ as well as ‘Avatar’. Did not feature the same CGI as in the final product. This is very commen for trailers. Much of T2 was made on pratical effects, very few things where CGI. The policeman in the Asylum who gets killed by the T-1000 is not CGI, That part is made with two twins, same goes for Sarah Conner, where she looks on her past self on the playground (she is also a twin).

Well i’m not going to come with my final judgment based on a well…“okay” trailer.