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The character of James Bond has always been defined by his gender. He’s a man’s man. Following a (maybe) dated ideal of machismo. You’d have to strip down the character of his entire substance before you can give this role to a woman.

You have the right to not like that and you’re free to not watch these movies. But why are you trying to ruin it for the rest of us who do enjoy watching them? No one is stopping Gillian Anderson to make her own spy movie if she wants to.


Ian Fleming himself wasn’t particularly pleased with Sean Connery as Bond, as he didn’t fit the character described in his books. Though, he eventually warmed to Connery’s interpretation, and even gave Bond some Scottish heritage in his later works.

It’s an interesting proposal. Can the character of Bond, the womanising secret agent who’s seduced almost every woman he’s ever met, be a gender netural role when it’s so strongly defined by Bond’s own status as an ‘icon’ of masculinity? I don’t know, but casting a woman would certainly shatter this perception.

I’d find it difficult to rank Bond on par with the likes of King Lear or Richard III, particularly since his presence in contemporary culture has embodied stereotypes which have been so intrinsically linked to his characterisation. If Gillian gets the part, and it isn’t a ‘stunt’ as Mads describes it – I’ll be intrigued to see how they handle these issues while still embodying the traits which have defined Fleming’s creation for so many years.


You think they’ll let a woman play a scene like the one where we see Daniel Craig stripped naked and getting his balls hammered with a knotted rope?

It’d be very different Bond from what we’re used too. So different in fact that the name of 007 will only remain for advertisement purposes.


No, they’d threaten her with rape and sexual violence because that’s the usual, cheap way to get an emotional response out of an audience when there’s a female protagonist involved.

I don’t think the character wold have to be gender neutral at all. Each actor can bring their own strengths and characteristics to the role. Bond has traditionally been this icon of toxic masculinity, but is that necessarIly something to preserve? He’s been stuck in a rut since the sixties and it’s not unti recently that this was brought to self awareness within the movies themselves.

Someone once called Bond a
"sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War." It wasn’t a feminist critic, it was M. In Goldeneye. And she was right.


So ultimately, what you’re saying is this isn’t a debate about someone of a different gender playing Bond. It’s more about what people believe the character ‘ought to be.’


But does Bond have to be political correct?, This is the reason why many love the character, he might be relic of a different time. But does that mean we have to strip away everything that makes him Bond, what would Austin Powers be if he was not a over the top horny spoof of Bond?


James Bond is James Bond, bring in a female agent with the same supporting cast sure but why mess with a classic.


Right now I’m most excited about Jason Bourne and Rogue One.


Not heard of rogue one will check it out looking forward to the new Bourne film though.


Really? It’s been pretty loud tbh, it’s a Star Wars movie afterall.


Oooh yes now I know what you mean yes I have seen the trailer.


Fruit Ninja to be adapted to a live-action feature film

Thanks Angry Birds


What about Alien Covenant? Are you guys excited or interested in it?
There’s a new photo of the main character.


I love the Alien franchise. Can’t wait for this.


Is Covenant the sequel to Alien 3 or the Prometheus sequel? There’s too many Alien movies!



I’d love to see a female Bond…and Gillian’s performance in ‘The Fall’ has me convinced that she’d be perfect for the role


The Covenant is a sequel to Prometheus. If Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 gets made, then Alien 3 and 4 will no longer be canon. Alien 3 is great, especially directors cut. I’m looking forward to Prometheus 2 or Alien Covenant as it is called, Prometheus is one of my favorit scifi films.


There’s no ‘Director’s Cut’ of Alien 3, in fact Fincher considers it his worst film as he didn’t have much control over it’s production. The studio was breathing down his neck the whole time and didn’t give him the artistic freedom he wanted. He’s since refused to have anything to do with the film.

The script was also muddled and re-written extensively. They finally settled on a story which started off as the biggest slap in the face imaginable. Watching it for the first time I thought to myself: “No seriously, they didn’t just do that?!”

This is why Blomkamp’s sequel was so anticipated, since it cancelled out the two weakest films of the series. Which wouldn’t have been a bad thing at all.


That is true, i thought there was a directors cute. Sad, i still enjoy the movie. It’s not as good as the two first films, but i don’t think it’s bad either.


I think Alien 3 is a diamond in the rough. It’s obviously a troubled production that was plagued by rewrites and reshoots, but there’s something oddly enticing about it. The utterly hopeless atmosphere and the recurring theme from the other Alien movies of pure isolation makes it a pretty special film for me. In many ways its my favourite film in the franchise.

Certainly a damn sight better than the abomination that is Alien Resurrection and the giant slab of Meh that was Prometheus.