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You really think the direction the story went was a sound idea? It was just so disappointing, and the CGI is some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Yes, it’s the early 90s, but by ‘worst’ I still mean by the standards of that time.

It’s strengths lie with the limited directorial decisions Fincher was allowed to implement, and it certainly captures a desirable atmosphere. It’s also shot well, and there’s one or two truly terrifying scenes which are brilliantly executed. Beyond that, I still think it’s the weakest film of the series.

I simply can’t forgive them for the absolutely abysmal plot decision they made at the beginning, and the overall quality of the writing. Sure, one can rationalise it and I’ve tried to – but with each attempt I’m left frustrated at the wasted potential as well as the complete absence of likable characters. At least Resurrection was less derivative; they tried something more original than being trapped on a planet yet again.


I don’t think the movie is perfect, but i enjoy it. For many of the same reasons as Quinn listed above, sadly it’s not the version Fincher wanted us to see.


Anyone played the game Alien Isolation? I thought it was pretty good although a bit repetitive. The atmosphere was great and true to the original film.


Fun fact - The Alien wasn’t actually CGI, but a puppet that was greenscreened onto the scene in post. It looks horrible regardless though.

And yes, i’m fully ptepared to support the plot decision. Killing off Newt and Hicks so unceremoniously after all they’d been through was just grim and shocking and it really set the tone and mood for the rest of the movie.


Exactly. I have no idea why people don’t like the movie because of this. The whole thing about the original movie was hopelessness and I think having Newt and Hicks die is the best damn way to kick off a return to the horror style movie that the original was (despite the rest of the movie being utter piss)


I played it and liked it. Really good horror game. The presentation was really cool. VHS intro at startup and general art direction of the space ship/space station. I loved that retro futuristic feel. The whole game looks like something made in the 1970’s. Very true to the original movie, the sense of vulnerability was really strong! Would I play it again? Nope, as you say it’s repetitive and the gameplay mechanics does nothing to make me want to come back to it. Still a cool game though.

I love the original Alien movie to death. I’ve watched the other movies but none of them gets even close imo. They all feel like stupid spin offs, really.


Possibly the scariest IP out there. Completed it on the hardest difficulty and loved every minute, even when some of the repetition became frustrating. A few tweaks are in order, but I’d recommend it with high marks.

A lot of people complained it was too hard, yet all it requires is a consistent strategy (like walking slowly and not going under vents) and some patience, and beating it becomes much easier. I rarely got killed, and when I did I seldom made the same mistakes. Too many people wanted to rush through it and found themselves dead every time. It’s definitely not a game which holds your hand, which is why it’s enjoyable.

Please don’t remind me of what happened, I’m still trying to forget! Particularly after all the events of the previous film. Yes, it rationalises the futility of life, which is a theme the series frequently embraces, but I see it as a lazy way to provoke a reaction from viewers. It’s a convenient plot point which suggests they didn’t have any ideas with the characters, so they killed them all and pressed the restart button.

But wait, there’s an egg on board! So while the crew was mangled and decapitated, it miraculously survived. I’m not even going to speculate on how the Xenomorph Queen even managed to lay the darn thing.

The screenwriter must’ve been going through a sadistic phase, and I honestly couldn’t care less for the new characters they introduced. The one interesting person besides Ripley is the doctor, and there’s potential there but he’s one of the first to be killed off.

They could’ve really made that controversial plot point work. I get why some see it as ‘bold’ – but it’s so unceremoniously handled, with the rest of the story being uninspired, dull, and re-written to hell. Thank God Fincher’s directing and some of the cinematography don’t make the experience completely unbearable.


How about Aliens? That’s my favourite one right there. ’ The last two were mediocre but enjoyable non the less.


I didn’t like Aliens. Too much action and too little horror. It’s been a while since I watched it but it seemed very mediocre to me. Which is a shame because the queen aspect had so much potential but ended up in a boss battle with Ripley in a mech suit. Not tasteful at all.


Aliens is a fantastic action film (on par with The Terminator and Judgment Day), but I still prefer the first one. It’s more claustrophobic and has all those horror elements, but Sigourney Weaver is brilliant in both.


I think the film would have been better if the characters weren’t so “cheesy”. The use of cgi is laughable too. However, I think Fincher is an amazing director and I would be curious to see him direct an horror movie in the future. Something à la The Thing would be a good choice since he’s a master of the thriller genre.


He’s always most comfortable with thrillers and mysteries, although Se7en is as close to a horror film you can imagine. Some truly terrifying and uncomfortable moments there.

The opening titles themselves, with their skin slicing and spine-chilling score still make my blood run cold.


Yeah I guess it would be more of a Hitchcockian type of film than a Cronenberg like horror movie if he ever does one. Seven is indeed his “darkest” film to date.


I highly enjoyed the first Jack Reacher movie, looking forward to the second one. It seems to fulfill what the New Bourn movie can not. Not sold on that movie at all, after watching the trailer. It looks like a pretty generic action movie, which is a shame, since the Bourn Franchise have been my go to movies for action.


Yeah, suprisingly Tom Cruise has still got it going on. Love his work.

In other news (although it’s not NEW news) I’m excited about the whole sci-fi world in general these days.

-The announcement of a new Battlestar Galactica movie a few months ago.
-A Lost In Space series for Netflix announced a few months prior to that.
-The new Star Trek movie franchise is going strong.
-And the unprecedented scale of Star Wars movies coming our way.

That’s a whole lot of my favorite genre to look forward to! Lovin it!


Big fan of Tom Cruise and I really liked the first one, so I’m hoping for this one to turn out well. The action in Jack Reacher was well done so I hope they keep that up.

In other news Bryan Cranston is Zordon in the new Power Rangers movie! I want to see this more and more now. I never watched Mighty Morphin’ but the later shows were my jam when I was a kid. The sweet nostalgia will be perfect :’)


Oh and it’s the only action movie where i’m not dying by cringing, whilst i’m watching the always very awful Jai Courtney.


Wow, i was a new dad when mmpr came out. The only thing that peeked any interest for me was Amy Jo Johnson and that wasn’t enough for me to sit thru a full episode.


Statham. Alba. Jones. Trailer for Mechanic: Resurrection

Plot and early part of trailer seem very Hitman-ish.

Much of the rest feels similar to Splinter Cell.

My two fave franchises.


Didn’t really enjoy the mechanic or jack reacher but both sequels look promising.