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Poor guy. I want to like him, he looks decent and his voice is great, but he’s just so … stiff. Hopefully Suicide Squad will bring out his talent.


Just saw a trailer for the Accountant with Ben Affleck. Looks interesting. A couple sniper rifles and a hideout too!


So Oliver Stone’s Snowden flick is getting a pretty mediocre reception. From what I’ve read the consensus is: If you haven’t seen the superior Citizenfour documentary, you might find this alright. But then, what’s the point?

Nevertheless, the main draw for the movie is it’s bringing the issues Snowden raised back into the spotlight.


Today I discovered that the Street Fighter movie has a post credits scene.


I can’t believe somebody actually had the curiosity to stay at the end of that awful movie.


Really looking forward to watch this. I’m a Ben Affleck fan. I really love his recent movies.
The Town so far is my favorite


Looks pretty good closely resembles the game. Actually excited for this. I’m not a huge fan played the first two games.


Wow I lost interest in the AC series a while back but this looks amazing.


It really does and some good actors too.

That’s chalky from Boardwalk Empire and Jeremy Irons!


The last trailer impressed me but this is something else :open_mouth:. Yes top actors and the lead actor being Michael Fassbener who is one of my favourite right now.


Welcome to the forum btw!


Thank you very much :smiley:.


This new trailer showcases the film brilliantly super excited for this after this trailer.


First Logan trailer


Never knew this was happening is it based on that old man Logan storyline? No mutants left?


It appears to be loosely based on Old Man Logan.


Really looking forward to this movie as well as getting a grey beard! This looks like perfect end movie for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.


Hugh Jackman has had some serious screen time with wolverine. I really like his look in this movie too I’m not familiar with the story in this comic “Old Man Logan” though is it good?


I thinks it’s more or less about the Hulk and his offspring who have taken over the world. Think Mad Max + Evil Hulk & friends and a very old Logan looking for revenge.


Are you being serious? :joy: That sounds like a rediculous story and Hulk wasn’t in the trailer :thinking:.