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Is that really the story line the movie follows or are you trolling @Mads47 :joy:.


No no not the movie, the old man Logan comic is about evil Hulk and wolverine looking for revenge. When Hulk’s offspring kills Logan’s family. The new movie takes cues, with the movie taking place in a dystopian future, and the hole old Logan deal.


What happened to all the mutants in the movie or don’t you know yet?


From what I understand they been wiped out, by the bad guy. Also professor Xeavia got alzhemier, I’m looking forward to it.


I am always the last to find out about new films coming out. It looks good I love all the X Men movies and just superhero/ vigilante movies in general.


Leaked picture from the Alien: Covenant


I didn’t know there was a new alien coming out, is it coming out anytime soon?


Yep, next year. 3 August , 2017. It’s a sequel to Prometheus, it saddens me that they choose to include the Alien name into the title. I liked that Prometheus was not a direct prequel to Alien, but more like a spiritual prequel set in the same universe.


Yay, they moved the release date up and we got a new poster!


Does this mean we are getting Guy Pearce in his ridiculous old man makeup again? And why exactly this is a sequel to Prometheus?

Why didn’t they give Neil Blomkamp the opportunity anyway? Expectations for this are pretty low to be honest.


They should never be low when Ridley Scott returns to direct an Alien movie!

A sequel to Prometheus has been in the works for a number of years now, given how successful it was. Scott wants a prequel trilogy/quadrilogy that’ll tie into the original, exploring the mythos. Blomkamp shelved his project and is currently working on something else. He wanted to do a successor to Aliens which ignored the last two films, with Weaver back in the title role. It’s still a possibility at this point, but it would be a stand-alone film.


Granted, Ridley has been on an upwards swing with The Martian after a low slump - But I guess i’m just a bit disheartened that it’s tying in to Prometheus so closely by sharing characters. I didn’t mind the film so much but I only saw it as loosely connected to Alien if at all. At least Damon Lindelof isn’t writing this one… Shudder.

I mean, Guy Pearce is a great actor, but if you want an old man in your film then just hire an old man! Especially for a relatively small part. Lord knows there’s a lot of actors in their 80s who still work.


I’m very excited for the prequel sequel called Prometheus 2, or i was until i adopted the Alien name into it’s title. I really wish it would just be called Covenant instead. Also i hope there are no real Xenomorph in the movie, i really liked the sub species from Prometheus, and i’m excited to see the Neomorph in action. Even though it’s called Alien i’m still excited, just less excited then when it was called just Covenant. Prometheus is one of my favorit sci-fi films and i never really get tired of watching it and i love the fact that i was loosely connected Alien, but without throwing us all the answers at us.

I’m not at all excited for Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5. To be honest i think he’s a overrated hack of a director, District 9 is barely an okay movie and the rest seems are forgettable at best.


I think there’s a limit to how many stories you can tell in the same universe about one particular thing (In this case, the Xenomorph) before that thing begins to lose its mystique or appeal – Especially if a big part of the allure in the first place is the unknown factor, and the inability of humans to fully comprehend or understand it. That’s one of the things which made the original Alien film so great. It adopted a “Show, don’t tell” approach to storytelling that used visual cues to give the audience enough insight to form a likely backstory on their own time, and one that didn’t interfere with the immediate narrative which had a decidedly human perspective. The audience’s knowledge couldn’t go above that of the crew, we learned what they learned. Now we’ve got yet another film about yet another team discovering a lone Xenomorph for the first time and it all sounds so familiar.

The best thing about the Alien series for me was the fact that each film was radically different from the last, and that’s why it works best as a trilogy in my eyes. The first film was a slow burning science fiction horror . The sequel was an all guns blazing action romp, and the third was a bleak and depressing survival film with an almost arthouse quality at times. I think the series had a really beautiful trajectory to it with a handful of overarching themes spread across a trilogy of wildly different films.

I absolutely can’t stand Alien Resurrection and detest the Alien V Predator movies, so I’m at least glad Prometheus was a huge “fuck you” to all of those even if it was far from perfect. Anyway, since Ridley Scott is doing good work lately, I will try not to be too cynical and give it the benefit of the doubt.


Since they’ve embarked on a sequel, you’d expect it to tie into Prometheus, given it’s ambigious ending. I’m glad they’re doing this, as the fate of Noomi Rapace and Fassbender’s characters is worthy of exploration.

Ultimately, it’s all connected to the original Alien, we just don’t know how yet. But I love the atmosphere Scott is able to create with this subject.


I feel like I need to watch Prometheus again even if just to see her :heart_eyes:.


Christopher Nolan + Hans Zimmer = Hype


I’m really excited for this movie. And they filmed it in my country the Netherlands :grin:


#Alien: Covenant’s First Trailer


There’s no trailer yet but Saw: Legacy has been confirmed and will be coming out next Halloween (2017) - SAW is my all-time favourite movie series so I am beyond excited for this movie to happen.