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Nah. I want to like it and I’ll give it a go. Hopefully this can be somehow in the same quality as the first or second movie.

The trailer spoiled to much for me though and the tone seems a bit of to me. I prefer the horror-like feel the first movie had. Hopefully I’m wrong.


OH. MY. SHIT! Ridley’s back baby. This actually looks convincingly good.

edit: Whoops, it’s already been posted. Nevermind me. HYPE


I hadn’t even seen this announced. Like you I’ve been a huge fan of the Saw franchise since the beginning. Will be following this throughout next year.


New Alien looks… I dunno. OK. More like a Prometheus sequel. The trailer verges on the cheesy side of slasher horror too - The alien attacks a nude couple having sex in the shower because it understands horror movie tropes.

Keeping my expectations low but we will see.


Love the Alien franchise but I always avoid trailers of movies I have high hopes for cuz they usually show TOO much. I like to be completely surprised.


It is a Prometheus sequel.


I know, and that’s disappointing. It feels more similar to Prometheus tonally than Alien, despite being called Alien.


Alien Directors cut is coming to my local movie theater in 2 weeks because Alien day. My dream came true because i love original Alien and Aliens:)


this looks pretty fun!


Luke Skywalker is evil, I knew it!



A prologue to Alien: Covenant, that follows the journey of Elisabeth Shaw and the Android David after the events of Prometheus.


Saw this and some other unseen footage last night. like what new Chestbuster looks like and few characters also died


People dont like Prometheus alot, however i love it because of the philosophical themes it covers. All the artistic references and literature is very nice.
People forget That you need to add the prologue trailers and some other side canon info as part of the movie/experience. It makes far more sense combined.


A few days ago I rewatched the Neon Demon.

I remembered just how much I love this movie. It’s not for everyone, most would say that it’s a senseless gore-fest. Though I must admit that it’s style over substance. What kept me mesmerised are the underlying themes and the cinematography. Every scene is a masterpiece of composition and use of colours. And every rewatch adds to a deeper understanding of the whole story.

The overall story is somewhat similar to “The Black Swan”, only set in a different environment. And whether you prefer the ballet-world over the fashion, is your call. Both present the world different yet not so different from ours. They make us aware of our society’s flaws. Like how we decide the value of things. Whether something has value is only decided if everyone agrees on its presumed value. Think of money, beauty, abilities and wealth.

The Danish director Refn paints a world where beauty is the highest currency. An unfair one as not everyone is born equally beautiful. Of course beauty can be created yet it always stays artificial. Our main character has this “thing”. Like one of the other models comments: “What’s it like to walk into a room and it’s like the middle of winter. And you’re the sun?”

Mind that this isn’t a straightforward movie. Maybe first watch “Drive” or “Only God forgives”. Or just watch it for its gore, you decide. It’s not for everyone. Hate it or praise it. As long as it makes you feel something. Refn wants you to be engaged. I’m a little biassed on this subject as The Neon Demon and Refn’s other movies will always be on my favourite movie list. I would still recommend it to anyone who likes to watch something unique and different.


As you descrive it as a gore fest, I dare to say this film is to the movies like Doom is to the video games: a lot of kinda-immature and over the top violence but fun and entertaining. I guess this you should just enjoy it and don’t ask too many questions about it.


It all depends on what you expect to get from a movie/game. I do not describe The Neon Demon as a gore movie, for me it’s a beautiful piece of art. Not everyone will appreciate it in the same way though.
There have been hour long analyses of both Doom and the Neon Demon. In the end it’s all entertainment and the most important thing is that we enjoy it. I myself love analysing movies like these as there are many undisclosed topics. But of course at the end of the day I know it’s only fiction and an expression of art.


His upcoming film will be his last. Absolutely gutted to see him go. IMO the man is by far the best actor of the last few decades. Hopefully someone will manage to tempt him out of retirement by showing him an incredibly good script or something.




A Jackie Chan movie that i look forward to, i really liked him when i was younger. Still some of his films are still good, but nice to see a film where he isn’t Goofy.