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Youtube has recommended that I watch a video by a well known reactionary loser entitled “DETROIT IS PURE SJW PROPAGANDA!”. I am now aware of several things:

  1. There is a movie called Detroit.
  2. Detroit is almost certainly a very good movie.

Any time these mouthbreathers throw their little hissy fits and try to generate a moral panic over a movie, it just makes me even more interested in seeing it.


It has actually gotten pretty bad reviews by users on IMDb. Legit portrays all cops as evil white men oppressing blacks. Oh well.


That’s about as valid as saying “This game has a lot of bad reviews by users on Steam”.

AKA, more likely to be complete nonsense.


Well, it’s mostly compiled of members of the general audience so I wouldn’t turn a blind eye on them. Won’t judge it myself until I’ve seen it though, if I ever do. I do like John Boyega.


Or people angry enough to sign up to leave a bad review.


I haven’t heard much about the movie. I think critic reviews were up and down and I know it has to do with the 1967 Detroit riot, which was HUGE. It’s often closely compared to the Rodney King - L.A. riot in the early 90’s. Being that it happen in my home state, I remember learning a bit about it when I was young (I was born in 67) but don’t recall much. I’m sure given the time, race relations were an issue, but if I recall correctly, Detroit was actually pretty well ahead of most areas of the country in regards to racial acceptance at that time.

If anyone’s interested in the actual event, I’m sure you can just google “1967 Detroit riot”. I may do that myself now, as well as look into this movie.


It has to be, it’s directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

It’s currently at 86% on RT. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s released.


Yeah but who the hell trusts RT after they gave the masterpiece The Emoji Movie 6%?


Just a regular symptom of big movie studios being so afraid of risk that they’ll milk the shit out of a franchise for as long as it takes.


Well i have more hopes for this movie then the last, since James Cameron is directly involved with this one. But then again Cameron will say everything is good if he’s promotion a franchise, that was the case with Terminator Genesis. But in the end i’ll eat anything as long as i stars Arnold.


I’m all for a Cameron-lead, Schwarzenegger Terminator movie. Very skeptical, yes. But hopefull that they can pull off what Star Wars did and restore the franchise to the greatness it deserves.

Help me James Cameron. You’re our only hope.


They’re flogging a dead horse. The first two films are great, the rest are either nauseatingly average or pure garbage. Let this franchise bow out gracefully.

While I like Arnie’s screen presence, he hasn’t made a watchable film since T3. He should just get on with his 2020 campaign.


I know T3 gets some crap but I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. As for being his last watchable movie, I’d have to go with Sabotage. Although I haven’t seen Maggie and the upcoming Why We’re Killing Gunther sounds promising. So maybe he’s got something left. But yeah, there’s certainly a lot of garbage out there.


Latest Steven Spielberg film teases a future where IOI control everything.*

*See what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not gonna lie, I don’t fancy it. I don’t know why, I just really wasn’t feeling it.


Well it’s just the first teaser…

And I understand this is a challenging book to adapt since the story sometimes seems to be too in love with known IP’s that it occupies whole character moments.

I’m still wondering how the author got away with this book in the first place, you’d think the Iron Giant rights owners would have sued him.

At any rate, I feel like I know where Steven will go with this. When asked about the significance of the story the response was: “This is about how you love a lot of things that are useless to other people. But what if there is a world where the things you love that seemed useless before are the means to fight for a better future?”


Not impressed.

Surprised this idea wasn’t done ages ago-still feels done to death tho.

Young people living in a VR world-yawn


I might go see it just for the ridiculousness of it all. I doubt it’ll be an excellent movie, even with Spielberg at the helm, but like Jurassic World or the latest Kong film there’ll be a bunch of spectacular action moments that make it worth the cost of admission.


I’ll agree on this one in fairness, my issue is way back when everything Spielberg touched went from Gold to Diamond, it’s less so these days I feel.