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I guess I’ve never seen this Terminator


God that was terrible. Glad it never made the cut, but Terminator 3 was awful anyway.


So the upcoming Terminator film was inspired by a dreadful cringeworthy scene that was rightfully left out of T3?

Let me again reiterate my complete lack of enthusiasm for this new one.


A little short film out of three that will lead into Bladerunner 2049

Wasn’t sure if i was going to watch Bladerunner 2049 in the cinema, but this little short film just convinced me.


Great news for slasher movies fans (like me)!


Alright James Cameron, you’ve caught my interest. But I’m still cautious…


What a remarkable love letter to the games.
I mean… it looks, moves, and sounds almost exactly like a game in the series.

Very weird to see such a faithful adaptation of the recent TR games, it almost looks and sounds enslaved by them.


I think it looks like pure shit, it reminds me of a low budget fan film. What I see is another dreadful attempt to bring a videogame to the silver screen.


Which is a case in point… there is something to be said about adapting a video game for film… and just straight up copying the game experience and making it a film.

Most fans will claim that’s all they want. But seeing it now… I’m not so sure it works in the best way.
Just watching the trailer gives me flashbacks to the 2013 game so you feel like you’ve gone through the whole thing before in a strange way.


I haven’t watched the trailer because I avoid them at all costs since they tend to reveal too much of a movie I have interest in. But from what I’ve read on it, they’ve included several nods to the game but weren’t trying to do a faithful adaptation to it. I’m guessing the trailer is showcasing those scenes specifically for marketing reasons. Whether that’s a good idea or a bad one, idk.

But then I’m speaking without having seen it so…


Like two games in the series. The not good ones.


looking gooood! Interesting trailer, don’t know about the actress but she is way better than big lips aj.


Burger King in Russia wants to ban the movie “It” cuz…


Blade Runner Blackout 2022 anime short film now out

And… first screening previews for Blade Runner 2049 result in unanimous praise.


Been a long time coming! Loved the first one so I’m excited for this!


I wasn’t sure what I was expecting… but I’m going to be lining up for my ticket opening weekend!
What a trailer!



I already bought 5 tickets for the movie opening night, December 13th!


Even though many people reading this post have probably already clicked on the trailer above…


The director strongly recommends NOT watching it. I assume it gives way too much away. Many trailers do. But for the director to publicly say “Avod it!”, I would take his advice.

EDIT: @Soupienza, I’m not sure if you want to put a note in your post to alert members to this. Obviously up to you. Just throwin it out there. :sunglasses::+1:


Well to late, not that I would be able to control myself anyway.


Ok. The trailer is good. But… Rian is just playing that game. :slight_smile:

Guys, it’s a good trailer. Nothing earth shattering. But it will make you buy a ticket to this movie. :slight_smile: