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Seeing it five times in a row is a bit too much. :wink:


You know how this game works? @FantumX parrots the warning… and it’s like that forbidden tape in RING.

Think about it. Warning people not to watch a film reel that would kill you in 7 days simply makes more people see it! Lol.


It is also the kind of trailer that could be very carefully edited to imply one thing, but the actual scene (or scenes) may play out very differently.

Notice when it looks like two particular characters are talking they are never in the same shot… Hmm.


Thats what I’m counting on


Very true. But the warning was still legit, right?. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, it could very well be mind games to ramp up the hype. But does it honestly need any help in that area? Hmmm :thinking: could go either way really.

But I am one who avoids all trailers like the plague. I much prefer going in blind and have the movie surprise me at every turn.


Must confess that I have moved beyond that number now :joy:

I don’t think it’s to build hype per say that they would spin some scenes differently, but more to give us an idea of what to expect.

One thing’s for sure, December the 13th can’t come fast enough! Also looking forward to CS:GO ESL championship in Odense December 8th.


Until very recently there was a lot of excitement over the way Alcon Entertainment used a “Mystery Box” + “Nobody should read/see spoilers” style of marketing for BLADE RUNNER 2049.

So I thought it must be the current fad.

To wit, even the trailer only hints at “half-events” you’re shown things that are possibly out of sequence or even spliced together inconsistently.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. The trailer definitely shows zero event resolutions. So this isn’t a case of spoilers actually being in the trailer.



If you’re receiving crappy press reviews, just make up your own!


All you need to know about the new Justice League film:

I personally love this take of Frank Miller’s “Aged Batman”. So I will probably tune in just to watch how this character develops.


From what I’ve heard that may not be a positive.


Welp… I shall see for myself. :slight_smile:


So Justice League is apparently a complete mess. What a total surprise.


If it’s more coherent than AGE OF ULTRON I will consider that good enough.


I think DC get’s a lot of shit for the same mistakes that the MCU have makes. I hear that Justice Leauge villain is more or less one dimensional, something 90% of all MCU villains suffer from. I just come to accept that it’s popular to hate on the DCU and over praise every generic little MCU movie that get released.


Yeah AGE OF ULTRON had strange stuff in it. Weird action edits, teleporting characters during the finale…

Ultron’s ultimate plan is just to attach jets to a city and smash it…“to cause global extinction” Ultron says… I’m sure that’s believable when you’re 8 years old and threatening your Avengers action figures while holding your 3,000 piece LEGO Ninjago castle over their heads… But come on.

Even if we buy Ultron’s logic, and assume that just any mass (and not a legit Iridium loaded asteroid) can cause Impact Extinction, the solution the Avengers used - blowing up the entire city in high atmosphere - is the equivalent of detonating the world’s largest ICBM, raining chunks of city all over a large area of Earth, and also causing atmospheric coverage causing pretty much the same thing as smashing the city on the ground… yet nothing happens.

Other stuff just sounds mashed together but I’m willing to live with it like the idea that AI software can be found inside stones…


RAMPAGE Trailer 1

Note: based on the hit video game by Midway.


In case people haven’t seen it yet. I share my thoughts on JUSTICE LEAGUE here:



Inglourious Basterds is now on Netflix:
Do you want to see nazis getting:

  • Shot to death.
  • Battered to death.
  • Burnt to death.
  • Castrated to death.

Then now is your chance!