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That’s my life everyday


The first full trailer to Fallen Kingdom


That looks absolutely bloody awful.

“Hmm, how can we make the movie more exciting? I know, let’s make everything explode!”


It’s starting to look like a Transformers movie.


Bigger, “better”, Faster and 100% more Bay’nes.




WB obviously flexing its licensing muscle with the inclusion of Warcraft and Overwatch.

Blizzard was already in bed with Warner with the Warcraft film, so not a stretch anymore to see Blizzard games in this film.

Street Fighter also in there, and I’m sure the entire cast of DC comics… I think I also saw Metal Gear Solid and some people claim Shepard from Mass Effect was in it too.

Lara Croft, and the RX-78 Gundam… wow… this is like all those children’s dreams ranging from 1980 - 2018.

Makes sense to update the franchises referenced, after all the story supposedly takes place in the future.

Also, this is what that PIXELS movie should have been.

@Travis_IOI , you guys know the bad guys in this film have the same acronym as your studio? It would have been amazing to have 47 “fighting on the side of IOI” in the film, eh?

Maybe for sequels… ring up WB… it’s a must. hahaha.


Teaser trailer dropped today for Mortal Engines, produced by Peter Jackson and directed by his protege Christian Rivers (who have worked together since before the LOTR trilogy). The book series is, as far as I know, relatively unheard of in America but they were pretty popular when I was young.

It’s about mobile cities preying on other cities for resources, and the trailer is just as bonkers as that sounds.
Those of you who saw The Last Jedi may have already seen it early.


Sixth Mission: Impossible film to be entitled "MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT"

Trailer airs next Sunday during Superbowl LII


From Executive Producer Chris Meledandri (“Despicable Me”) and genius game designer Shigeru Miyamoto comes “SUPER MARIO” - The Animated Movie.

A director has not been named. Illumination Entertainment expected to produce with animation by MacGuff Ligne (“Despicable Me”, “Minions”)

“SUPER MARIO” will be Shigeru Miyamoto’s feature film debut as Executive Producer. The Nintendo stalwart will share this role with Chris Meledandri.

Original Japanese announcement:

Additional reading:

Additional (fun) viewing:


Bruce Willis does his own take on a 47-like vigilante (Accident Kills!!!) in DEATH WISH:

DEATH WISH is a remake of the 1974 original starring Charles Bronson:

…Which has also been the subject of many parodies…


This is gonna be good, I only hope they are not going to make Eddie Brock a postive hero, he was sociopath


Personally I am not a fan of the decision to make this, especially as it seems to be completely divorced from Spider-Man. Venom should be a Spider-Man villain first and foremost. It also seems like this isn’t a part of the MCU which is just confusing at this point.

That being said I am a fan of Tom Hardy, and he is definitely one of the few actors that could make me want to see this.


I’m part of the crowd who thinks that there’s lack of Venom in this teaser for Venom. However, I’m still looking forward to this take on Venom and how Carnage is going to turn out.


Didn’t Venom have a comicbook run as a good guy in his own series?

Yes, VENOM is not part of the MCU… technically.

Confusion may be dependent on whether or not Sony runs the Marvel Logo ident at the start of the VENOM movie.

Also matters if it’s a different ident. I think the ident sequence for Marvel as IP owner is different from Marvel Studios ident.

But most people won’t notice and just think: “Oh it’s Marvel just like the Avengers was.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they do that for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN with Andrew Garfield? I know they used to at the start of the Tobey Maguire films but that was before Marvel Studios became a thing.


Sure. Venom had his own series (multiple ones if I’m not mistaken), but that was long after an establishing run as a Spidey bad guy.

The Marvel thing at the start is something all movies based on Marvel properties have to have, so it will be there.
Compounding the problem is that loads of people connect Venom to Spidey, and Spidey is in the MCU.


Well they’ll just stay confused I guess. I know some people who don’t pay attention at all to which studios are doing which productions and they lump together stuff like MONSTERS INC. and MONSTERS VS ALIENS and presume Disney did them all. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Marvel idents for a time they did look similar:

MARVEL ident at the head of Sony’s SPIDER-MAN (2002)

and note the first MARVEL STUDIOS ident which was used with IRON MAN (2008):

Sony was still using the 2002 Marvel ident with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2012)

I suppose the idea behind the more elaborately done Marvel Studios idents attached to more recent Marvel Studios productions is to help create some kind of distinction, but I expect a lot of viewers to still feel like “they’re all the same”.


Not long now… READY PLAYER ONE opens March 29th


Really un-excited for the RP1 movie. The trailer had SO MUCH CGI. Like, even for things I would think are easy enough to do as a real stunt. CGI just ages so fast in movies these days. It looks decent for the time but if you watch it a few years on, you’ll be shocked. Real stunts are always the way to go. Can’t believe the Hobbit even CGId that Orc villain… when they used so many prosthetics for LOTR. Just irks me.


Hated that shit. Especially considering who they had doing motion capture. Imagining that dude in prosthetics is terrifying.