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There’s nothing inherently wrong with using CGI. The best films cleverly blend CGI and practical effects, and we hardly even realise. This video is a great response to the recent wave of opposition to anything computer-generated.


I agree, but clearly Ready Player One isn’t going to be a prime example of that. Nor was The Hobbit and how it CGI’d the main baddie.


I mean, Ready Player One I can kinda accept, since it’s set in a virtual reality. No doubt though that Lurtz from Fellowship of the Ring (a dude in prosthetics) was a far more convincing and threatening villain than Azog ever was.


I love CGI. :slight_smile:

People asking for “the real thing” really don’t know what they’re looking at some of the time.
it’s a movie! Everything in it isn’t real. :slight_smile:


hope it will be as epic as tv series


I wonder if Infinity War will be the highest grossing film of all time… it definitely has the potential with all those stars and such a big build up


I hope not, MCU are in the same league at Fast and the furious and Transformers. Not that they ain’t entertaining, but their importance and overall status makes them some of the most overrated movies.


But the big purple bad guy who we have no reason to care for is attacking New York again.


What I find most laughable is that movies like Dracula Untold & The Mummy (2017) are bashed so beyond belief, but MCU movies are held to extreme heights like it’s the pinnacle the movie world. In reality and quality wise they are the same, loud, stupid entertainment. Visually they ain’t interesting or spectacular, I think they have begun to look cheaper and cheaper.

Most of the MCU movies are dull and follows the same cookie cutter recipe like the others. That said there are gems in between, like Spider-Man Homecoming and Winter Solider.

What I find sad is that movies like Bladerunner 2049 isn’t profitable anymore, because the generel consumers attention span is at an all time low.


Extending to the new Star Wars movies, Disney has found a way to mainline brand recognition and nostalgia. Every one of these movies is built around a kind of formula that keeps tone and structure interchangeable, so none of these movies wind up feeling special in any way and they’re all just a continuous line of the same product released every year under different names yielding the same result every time. They’re capitalizing on an audience that is put off by things that they don’t recognize and don’t immediately understand, people who just want to see their favourite things on a screen.

Sort of unrelated, on a reddit thread someone said that somebody fucking clapped for the Warner Brothers logo during Ready Player One at their screening. This is the kind of thing I’m talking about, obsession over brand alone.


you’re not invested in his character? the after-credits scene in that one movie really sold me on his motivations and character traits


Though i think Star Wars in a much better state also quality wise. Not that Star Wars are on the same level as Blade runner and other more intelligent movies. But that is just my view on it.


Oh wow… the promotion for this film is really sneaky. I like it when the Marketing people conjure up interest and intrigue over a story whose ending is already (see: VALKYRIE).

Similarly, the story of THE MERCY is only suspenseful to the characters in it. But wow, it does look like a powerful and affecting portrayal.

Also: Colin Firth gunning for that Best Actor Oscar it looks like.


Yeah but we’re gonna find out more about Thanos as the movie unfolds. I think IW is aware that people are vaguely familiar with him and will flesh out his story over the two movies.


Saw Tomb Raider yesterday. Great movie. I think it did the story better than the first in the reboot series, and Vikander plays Lara Croft well. Hopefully it gets a sequel.


Looks like RPO smashed it at SXSW a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately I’ll only be able to see it on second weekend.

Some people say it’s the best video game movie ever made without being about one single video game.
And of course it’s a Spielberg film so you expect that saccharine core that makes people laugh and cry.

I honestly thought it was a safe choice for him. After all he kind of is the source of the novel.


Yet the Jeff Goldblum character clearly warns about the dangers of allowing the dinosaurs to continue living and having a chance to “remain on Earth when we’re gone”. So… he’s the bad guy? Or is he the good guy for trying to save us from dinosaurs?


If you mean by the first one, then yes; Jurassic Park (1993) set the bar damn high. I’m going to say that the second JW plot is as stupid and ridiculous as the first one. Also the Raptor blue never got it’s head blown off, non of them did. He ran away towards the end of the first movie, when they decided to create that stupid T-Rex Raptor team up.

I don’t think this movie is going to fail any less then the first JW failed, I’m more then sure it will do very well in the cinemas.


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IOI in ‘Ready Player One’?