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I wouldn’t put anything into it.


IOI as villains stopping at nothing to take over a vitrual reality program made me chuckle a bit.

It’s a pretty good movie as well.


IO Interactive have also momentarily changed their name on social media to “Innovative Online Industries”, which is the exact name of the villainous corporation in READY PLAYER ONE. :smiley:


wrong thread. hahaha

twenty wrong posts.


Redemption… I am looking for redemption obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nina Bergman lets the world know she just signed on to Universal’s new DOOM movie.

I think DOOM, particularly with a plot that crosses up DOOM 3 and the current one, could easily be a great film… but she could seriously get into trouble for leaking its existence.

If I was director I would have told her not to tell anyone. :confused:


aka: Steve Carell gunning for that Academy Award for Best Actor



I was just discussing this film with some film industry people. And there’s really a bit of concern that it looks a bit “Meh”.

My theory is that PREDATOR films have always worked best as Fight Card type things.

The first one was “Arnold Schwarzenegger vs the Predator” basically human champion vs alien champion.

The second one was “Meh” because who really wants to see Danny Glover vs the alien champion?

ALIEN VS PREDATOR was intriguing again because well… that’s also a fight with interesting odds and combatants. But the sequel doesn’t quite work the same because it wasn’t worth a rematch.

PREDATORS, I found it interesting because of the idea of Earth’s Most Dangerous People vs alien champions.

This latest film? What? Predator vs Small Town? And then there’s a Super Predator? OK… But what is he booked to fight against?

I feel like that’s missing.

P.S.: When asked what I would do instead. I suggested that you have a modern day war with lots of tanks and airstrikes and things… Maybe a fictionalized fight in the desert between ISIS and Allied Forces and a Predator decides he’d like to collect scalps from the dangerous prey engaged in armed conflict. And of course the Predator has to deal with tanks and air strikes etc. And of course one subplot is all the humans have to set their differences aside when they realize this hunter from space is using them for trophies. Humans fight and die for what they believe in feel small against something that visits our world to kill for sport.


first Predator was brilliant, sequels was very weak and AVP’s was piece of shit, maybe this one will be good, I like main character he played well in “Narcos”


I enjoyed the latest installment in the Franchise, Predators. It was a fun twist, taking the prey to a gameplanet. But the second movie was not very good and neither was the AVP series. I’ll probably end up seeing the new one as well. But the original is a classic.


it seems there is a new Mortal Kombat Movie in the making! The First MK Movie is still one of my favorite Game Adaptions and the second one is probably the worst Game Movie ever…

I really hope they go for a R Rating this time.


If this isn’t the theme song then it’s going to be rubbish film!!!


This is probably the best Theme Song ever.


I was such a big Predator fan when I was younger that I spent most of middle school ignoring class and writing Predator/AVP fan-fiction. That said, this movie looks embarrassingly bad.


I didn’t know there’s another Hitman movie coming… :joy:


No, it’s not Stranger Things. :slight_smile:


Guys!!! (yes 3 exclamation marks because this is best news I have read for a while :joy:) I learned something new today thanks to Twitter and #Deadwood, if you remember the tv show Deadwood (3 season) and liked that tv show, then I have some good news, HBO is going to make a Deadwood movie and if I understand it correctly with the characters from the tv show :fireworks: :smiley:.

If you like western and haven’t watched it, you should, it’s just a awesome tv show and Ian McShane’s performance as Al Swearengen in this tv show is just great.

And if you don’t know who Al Swearengen was, don’t worry I got you covered:


While I remain cautiously optimistic, I’m still glad this will be a proper sequel to T2, ignoring all the BS and mediocre garbage we’ve seen in recent years.

Sarah Connor looks pretty bad-ass.


Who’s playing the main role of Terminator this time?