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Arnie’s back!


Terminators you mean… I believe some of the plot will resemble some concepts from The Sarah Connors Chronicles.

The lead writer on the show, Josh Friedman, also wrote the new movie.


No, I meant just the main guy. It’s good to know that Arnold is back! :slight_smile:
That being said, many Terminators like in Terminator: Sarah Connor’s Chronicles will be awesome, if the movie story and script are good.


One concept I have heard, and cannot verify, and could possibly change… is that Arnold plays a second T-800 whose mission and specification was not to engage in open combat and instead integrate into human society since 1984. Its outer shell was designed to age so as to help it along its mission as the Terminator insurance policy - the survival of its “race”. As long as one of them survives… so will Skynet.

Which is basically the concept of Sleeper Terminators which was in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

And to punch the look home, Arnold’s T-800 will sport a beard.

But note… the above is unconfirmed! Hahaha.


Dave Bautista, who plays Drax the Destroyer on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, threatens to quit Vol. 3 unless James Gunn’s script carries on to final shooting.

Gunn, who had been set to write and direct the third film of a film series he has led from the beginning, had been removed over some old tweets where Gunn was trying his hand at making jokes about pedophilia.

Gunn’s supporters, which include the cast of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, see the post-hunting as a smear campaign by “fascist trolls”. While all persons seem to agree that the posts are deplorable, Gunn’s supporters believe that these posts from the distant past no longer represent the man who directed the first two films set in what was strictly a lower-tier comic book series in the Marvel stable.

Some observers also add that the post-hunt campaign may have been a reaction to Gunn’s open attacks on Donald Trump over Twitter.

Bautista also hinted at the possibility that GUARDIANS lead star Chris Pratt may yet add his voice of dissent to leave the franchise over this latest fallout from the removal of James Gunn.

My Two Cents Worth Conspiracy Theory: Disney already plans to reinstate Gunn and is orchestrating all this drama to drum up “Mob Love” to bring Gunn back. Volume 3 won’t be due for a while. Gunn may in fact be continuing development of Volume 3 remotely from his home. So as quickly as the troll mob got Gunn removed, Disney probably wants to see if actions by the charismatic cast of GOTG can conjure a mob movement in the opposite direction to get Gunn back.

I’ve been wrong before of course. :wink:

General News Thread 2.0

All part of the plan?


this tough grandma looks silly imo… same as tough Terminator-grandpa-Schwarzenegger in T:Genysis looked silly, still We dont know if it will be a proper sequel maybe it will be garbage too


Jackie Chan faced real danger as “Project X” shooting interrupted by real mudslide.


Oscars Academy decision to create an award for “Achievement in Popular Film” has raised a huge howl of reaction - all of it negative.

But detractors cannot seem to agree on whether the issue is that the Oscars is caving to popular blockbusters that it must give them a trophy, or if it is marginalizing popular films by creating a category for them rather than allowing them to compete for Best Picture.

I really don’t understand what the Academy is doing. Historically they have allowed popular films to be nominated for Best Picture. That is considered enough of a nod.

There’s also times when a popular film does in fact win Best Picture as what happened in 1994 when FORREST GUMP won Best Picture while also raking in 677 Million USD worldwide.


Yet again, the Academy seems desperate to prove how irrelevant and out-of-touch they are. The new category makes no sense whatsoever.


Indeed. It seems wiser for the Academy to just wait for how the actual Best Picture race develops.
Again, it’s not like a well made popular film has not won or been nominated for Best Picture.

Their latest action is perplexing. Even more so because the motive is unclear.

Is the Academy scared that an art film will be defeated by BLACK PANTHER?
Are they worried that viewers will tune out if BLACK PANTHER doesn’t win anything?


The friction between the Academy, commercial films, and that grey area where art and technique tend to get mixed up with commercially successful films is very old.

Here in this clip from 1976, a young Steven Spielberg goes through a bit of a minor emotional rollercoaster when his film JAWS is nominated for Best Picture but he misses out on Best Director.

Just a minor note, the guy who quips: “Who do they think made the movie? The shark?!?” was actor Joe Spinell who had nothing to do with JAWS but was among Steven Spielberg’s personal friends.

Spielberg just makes fun of it afterwards.

But I guess the Academy today is taking itself too seriously…


Now I’m pissed


i dont watch those movies anymore, after they turned this

into that:



To be frank, I find the comic design in the example to be pretty bad. It just makes the Lizard look like a hulking slobbering monster with as large teeth and claws as possible.

I prefer the old school Lizard, where, if anything was scary, it was his mind.

That being said, Amazing Spider-Man movie Lizard was pretty bad.


but venom in “venom” movie looks excellent , only in spider-man 3 looked terrible, after deadpool success I really was hoping for R rating, unfortuately greed for money always wins


I don’t think we have a movie discussion thread, so I’d like to post this here. I think this could be the greatest movie of our generation.

TV Show discussion

Neil Breen is either a genius, or an egomaniac who has no clue what he’s doing. Either way, I like him.

Fateful Findings is comedic gold.


excellent shape for 72 years old, can’t wait for Rambo, I never was a fan for series but last movie “John Rambo” was great


The final trailer for the upcoming movie ‘The Predator’ was released yesterday.