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That’s what I plan to do. If only I wasn’t on a holiday that screens movies a month later.


By the way, how long does a movie last in cinemas before they expire?


Depends on how successful the movie is. The more successful, the longer the movie will be in cinemas. If the movie isn’t successful at all, the movie may be gone after a few weeks.


Does the same go for Australia?


Yes, if a movie does well it will usually stay longer, if it sucks balls we dump it. Only the release dates of some movies change here. I have not been to a cinema in ages though so don’t take my word for it


Well, I am planning to see Venom once my holiday in Asia finishes. From what the reviews are saying, I’m not sure if it’ll stay or leave.


Given that the producer of the film Avi Arad is responsible for Spider-Man 3, both The Amazing Spider-Mans, Daredevil, The Punisher, Elektra, the first Fantastic Four (the 2005 one), X-Men: Last Stand and other shit I would say stay far away


Well, I am watching it for Tom Hardy. I’ve hardly heard of those movies you mentioned. Besides, Arad took the blame for forcing Venom in Spider-Man 3.


He shouldn’t have fucked with Sam Raimi’s script in the first place, if he had just left it well enough alone the Raimi might have wound up making Venom in it.

If you want to see the film for Tom Hardy then I think reviews say he was one of the few good things about the movie


Well, if I’m being honest, while Venom may be bad (and trailers gave off that impression to me from the start) a few clips released recently looks somewhat enjoyable to me. I just want to watch it because I just want to see how they’ve tried to make this a decent film.

In other related news, the upcoming animated Spider-Man movie still looks great to me.
New trailer came out yesterday.


Are you ready for MEGA MAN The Movie?

Directed by: Henry Joost + Ariel Schulman

Masi Oka, possibly as Executive Producer

For 20th Century Fox


Ha ha ha, you are a funny guy Soup, seriously this is a joke right, RIGHT!!??? :worried:


Nope… Variety ran the story last year:

Lists the same collaborators as Capcom’s official press release.

It means… this is Game On.

Oka assures fans that “we know what we’re doing” he spoke recently to Collider about the development for the film:


The director of Paranormal activity 3? The first 2 are between the worst movies I have ever watched. I don’t know the third but I don’t think is better. So I don’t think this Mega Man movie will be a masterpiece


Well… horror movies are not my thing so I don’t know how good or bad Joost/Schulman are. That’s why I just linked their IMDB pages so others can see for themselves… Mega Man looks like it should have been a Steven Spielberg project, but he’s done this film many times (A.I. in terms of story, Ready Player One in terms of that kind of video game action) and he’s not known for doing the same thing twice, except in the case of THE LOST WORLD.

James Cameron has ALITA BATTLE ANGEL which is similar territory somewhat.


Yeah, neither A.I. or RPO are the best in his catalogue either, I lost interest in Ready Player One about a quarter of the way through. I watched all of AI though


I thought READY PLAYER ONE was a “safe” movie… I mean, of course, Spielberg is going to bookend a movie about video games by reminding us that “we need to get out more”. hahaha.

But going back to MEGA MAN I don’t know what to expect I think this is the first sci-fi action adventure by Joost and Schulman!

Capcom also have a weird history as collaborators. During development for the STREET FIGHTER live action film, Capcom was the one that insisted that it wanted Jean Claude Van Damme to be the lead actor of the movie, but wanted Ryu to be the lead character of the movie.

I don’t know if it’s because in some weird convoluted way, CAPCOM’s artwork usually represented Ryu as a non-Japanese looking man… lol… .but the result was that Van Damme did get in the film but ended up being Guile. lol.

So I don’t know if Capcom is just being Capcom…Maybe Masi Oka will actually star as Mega man! :rofl:

Wouldn’t be the first time… For the longest time, Tobey Maguire had been holding on to ROBOTECH rights and trying to produce a film from it on the condition that he should be cast as Rick Hunter! :stuck_out_tongue:


Also… now shooting in South Africa…

From the gang that gave you the RESIDENT EVIL films, not just the star and the director… but all the way down to the crew and the teams doing Visual and Special Effects… it’s basically “Paul W.S. Anderson’s Team”.

Unconfirmed synopsis:

The film will also supposedly dabble with “Inner Earth Theory” and the idea that Monster Hunter world is hidden inside ours… and that one day it will open up and we’ll be in trouble.


Is this the same team that Anderson tried to kill filming his last retarded video-game movie. I mean why call it a team, the only reason he makes these films is because he is married to the star of them. Also that synopsis is (again) not even accurate to the games.


I think he married her after the first film. So you know… “team-building” lol.

Paul also exounds further:

He mentioned these and more at a Q&A event.