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I kinda want to see it, there is something about it.


It’s a hit I think… It works.




Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame Official Trailer


Oh dude I can’t believe I didn’t know it came out. Even after every single fucking entertainment and comic site on the internet reporting on every single frame of the damn trailer I still didn’t know.

Man I hate superhero movies.


Belated Happy Halloween, monster fans! :stuck_out_tongue:

From Tim Miller (DEADPOOL) comes well… the most “realistic” Sonic the Hedgehog imaginable…Which is to say… apparently if you make Sonic realistic enough… you get… a blue werewolf with rubber shoes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep because all those Sonic fans want to be reminded of Sonic: Unleashed. Fucking genius Tim Miller. Stick to making dick jokes with Ryan Reynolds.


Not even Sonic Unleashed featured those cross trainer thighs!


Whatever gripes you have with the poster save them for the actual film. Bound to be a trainwreck now. Unless the after credits seen is a surprise Yakuza movie teaser I am not interested


No … you save it… I don’t think i want stick around for when they reveal the eyes…

THOSE EYES! :open_mouth:


They changed directors. Its Jeff Fowler now.


Only time will tell! :sweat_smile:


Oh a change in director? Yeah eight out of ten times it is a kiss of death for a Hollywood blockbuster/nerd flick and since this film already has Jim Carrey going against it (nothing political, just sad and unfunny is all) it is over.


no Tim Miller is Executive Producer.

Realistic Sonic Confirmed…


That fan art is better than whoever concept artist at the production company involved would have done.


That looks way worse than what the poster shown. lol


Holy fuck is that a Critter?

I thought I was the only one here who has seen any of them!:grinning:


Like I said… “Belated Happy Halloween”… Paramount’s Twitter is on fire after trying to get some social media mileage on the reveal!


Sorry but I am not going on Twitter. I will have fun roasting the Sonic movie all by myself.