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My bold prediction though is they’ll stick with it. Tim Miller isn’t a pushover and he’s going to stick with “Realistic Animal Athlete Sonic” that he and Jim Fowler agreed to do.


Not really bold, any shithouse production company stupid enough to make a live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie is not going to waste a cent on reshoots or stuff like that.



Yeah it’s a Godzilla movie. Giant monsters will smash stuff for two hours while B-grade actors will act wooden. Americans will cleave out any subtext or nuance that the Tojo films had.


I took the liberty of creating an artist’s impression of what will no doubt be the final product. I’ve also heard rumors that Sonic runs Robotnik over in an SUV, so this will for sure be the blockbuster to end all blockbusters;


That one’s going to be a hit. Very good job.

Not saying it’s Best Picture. But it works.


I recall an issue with Godzilla creature design where I was told that it was bad form to have a relatable creature-humanoid-like hero not have “two forward mounted eyes”. That’s one of the issues with a “true lizard” Godzilla (eyes at sides, none visible forwards), and I think that might be one of the issues with the Sonic figure where Tim notes that Sonic’s eyes were usually arranged such that only one appears at most angles, not to mention that if we had to translate it directly… Sonic’s eyes were actually two irises moving around one white mass/eyeball - creepy!

So if you note where the ears are… which are revealed by the original teaser image…you have to move Sonic’s left eye closer to his right such that it’s inside that space between the ears.

In short… we’re probably getting Blue Rocket Racoon…

Other probable basis…



How intensely nonsensical of the screenwriter to want it taking place in the US. Almost insulting to the intellect (or perceived lack thereof) of movie going audiences.

Recently, Black Panther was a smash hit and set in a faraway country. Guardians of the Galaxy movies were set on different planets, and the same goes for Star Wars (although that series is as good as dead now). Harry Potter was quintessentially British and that wasn’t a problem. Crazy Rich Asians was set in Singapore, and that wasn’t a problem. So why would a movie about Russians in Russia be an issue?

The callous insistence on American settings by Hollyweird continues to stifle creativity and a greater diversity of locales and peoples on screen. Then again, I’m looking at F. Scott Frazier’s previous work, including xXx; The Return of Xander Cage, Hot Wheels; Stunt Track Challenge, and Fairly Odd Parents; Breakin’ da Rules, and am suddenly relieved the movie rights have been reverted back to Glukhovsky - I just hope the next time he decides to license them out he picks someone who isn’t a complete hack.


Gotta go fast!


Train wreck in the making


I have no faith in this movie adaption. Personally I think they should have gone the same route movies like ‘Who framed Roger Rabbit’ and ‘Space Jam’ did. Using the classic Sonic design, instead of trying to create this “realistic” look.


Yeah but that is too much time, effort, talent and artistry for a Hollywood anymore so no we get Blue Mutant Motion Blur. I mean even Space Jam has not held up well out side the 2-D animation


So early reviews for that Aquaman movie no one wanted but everyone in China saw. If you want a summary of the reviews cherry picked by this mainstream website. It is your standard pop-culture reviwer tripe. The film is fun, the film feels like a comic book brought to life, it stays true to the material, this film is film and this film makes you FEEL like Batman. (Yes I hate comic book movies, I am a comic fan and I hate these movies, because I am a snob and an asshole)


The Aquaman movie will make me feel like Batman? :wink:


It is a joke from a YouTube video. I figured it worked so I used it. WB love flogging the shit out of Batman and his characters


The irony there is that it takes a lot of effort to make a biologically consistent Sonic the Hedgehog rather than just the cartoon one.

I mean did you see my sketch? That required some degree of thinking! lol.


No it does not. It looks like they strapped Usain Bolt’s legs to an oversized hedgehog! This beats 47’s Absolution face. and 47’s Absolution face looks like someone used one of those BM composite sketches near max notoriety


I think the DETECTIVE PIKACHU guys did the more successful visual adaptation work in this case.


Well use but that is technically anime being adapted because moving goal posts is fun!