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Michael Jordan is also too old and too uncool nowadays to save Sonic :joy:


Still better than Shaq’s acting. Kazaam! wishes it had a soundtrack as awesome as Space Jam’s.


we need Dennis Rodman for this movie!


We don’t need to give any NBA stars careers again. That experiment failed horribly.


Okay, okay, i know you wont stop complaining until Paul Hogan is in the Movie :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to Topic: They should have made an animated movie or a highly produced Cartoon.
i dont see anything else that could work.


Actually there were two cartoon shows that were aired concurrently to each other back in the mid-Nineties. So they must not have been good and/or popular enough to have SEGA try that again


I have a feeling the story is about a man-animal hybrid mutant…The issue has nothing to do with it being live action. Again, look at DETECTIVE PIKACHU.


We have talked about and though about this damn StHH movie than the writers have.


My guess is they’ve gone on a highly contentious tangent with the story… and that is now apparent based on how the stuff looks.

What the story is though is being held very close to their chests.

Most of all it looks like it may be too late to change anything.


Right now I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if Sonic is played by a basketball player! Look at those legs!


SEGA’s Original Sonic Team express shock, dismay, at images for the live action film adaptation:

Disclaimer: Source Unverified. Even if legit, possibly a dated early build of the character…


clearly a rip-off from the upcoming Sonichu Movie :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually like the Ryan Reynolds Live Action Pikachu! I think that’s as good a version that you can get.

If that last leak is legit then they appear to have gone with Tom and Jerry the Hedgehogs.

Also… didn’t Tim Miller claim “Sonic’s not going to look like some Pixar character”? That still looks pretty stylized.


If the actor does a good job as Sonic, I might forgive the creepy design they made.

Also, those shoes look cool on Sonic. Just saying.


At first I thought that was Super Sonic. :smile:



I think James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez have a winner in their hands.


It’s actually pretty cool. Fight me.


I wont, I don’t care who is in the film. I have no intention on seeing it but I always like seeing Australian people in Hollywood.


So what you are trying to say is you do care


Well that is clearly not what I meant. I meant Australians in general not just one movie. I am not seeing the film because of who is in. I have more important films to waste my money on next year and they certainly not unnecessary sequel-spinoff-reboots of franchise that never got past the first film.