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I’m a bit late on this but…
Personally, I think the problem is the fact that the Sonic movie is live-action, ergo, it will be bad. Well, the issue isn’t entirely reliant on the live-action-ness of it, as it’s probably the plot that will be the biggest one.

The Pikachu movie looks good, and despite the shift to a live-action, realistic style, it looks enjoyable. The thing is, it still works. The show/game property are all about modern human people who train and befriend the various animals that roam the land. That’s not entirely the plot of the film, but the world-building is still present.

Sonic (to my knowledge, I haven’t played any) is about a bipedal fast Hedgehog who lives in a fictional world very unlike our own. He saves the animals from the forest from being kidnapped from a spherical man bent on turning them into robots.
The concept of a live-action Sonic movie makes no sense (to me), and I can’t see any way they can adapt that to fit the locale of the film.


it looks decent but I REALLY don’t like Tessa Thompson


The most clever conceit I see in the film adaptation of DETECTIVE PIKACHU is that Pikachu still goes “Pika pika” for “Rest of the world except one person” and they play around with the visual identity of regular Non Detective Pikachu as well as Detective Pikachu but with the same Ryan Reynolds character.

That means they can do “regular” Pokemon sequels with the Ryan Reynolds Pikachu as THE Pikachu.


Only makes sense in a vision where Sonic and the gang are like a version of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY all as animals led by a blue Rocket Racoon who has the powers of The Flash. :wink:


why nOT


The new Hellboy… looks like some kind of part-sequel/part-reboot

Fans split on it right now.



British Men-In-Black.


Huh… I could swear that tower block in the trailer is in my City.

Edit - Turns out it is! Crazy.


Did you know they can now recreate any city in the world through a combination of Google Maps, Google Map 3D Buildings, and Autodesk Remake?


The above is especially true if you don’t remember them ever shooting in your neighborhood! :slight_smile:


I just can’t stand her in almost everything she’s in, especially Sorry to Bother You and Creed

the only thing I think she was actually good in was Westworld


What about Creed 1 and 2? Or Thor? Etc


I said in the post that I don’t like her in both Creed movies, honestly I can’t really explain why, I just don’t

I barely remember her in Thor, I guess I didn’t dislike her in that, but I didn’t like her either?


I can’t believe I live in a world where there are three Thor movies and an Aquaman movie.


Who even wants to be Aquaman?


That comes down to which version, a more grizzled version sure, but classic Aquaman not so much.


I do before that Super Friends show Aquaman used to be the superhero that punched Nazi submarines in half. But now everybody thinks he is a joke that only talks to fish. Oh in the New 52 he caused sharks to pop out from a sewerage system.


Seriously though Aquaman is kind of overpowered if you think about it. The ability to control the entire population of the ocean?


Oh yeah even his latest event recognised that. Like the Ocean Master (the Bibleman looking guy Patrick Wilson plays) takes away his ability to control sea-life and then helps ancient gods turns every hero and being on Earth into a fish monsters. But Aquaman is like “bitch I can’t take to sea-LIFE but I can still talk to sea-MONSTERS” and he brainwashes every superhero in the world to beat him.


I had no idea this was in production until now but I’m hella keen


Well with the right editing chops you can turn something into something else…