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Wait a minute! The 2006 Wicker Man was not a comedy? Damn I was fooled!


Aquaman was kind of re-imagined by Zack Snyder and co. as having strength and invulnerability comparable to Superman because he can just “take a swim in the Mariana Trench like he’s just wading in a kiddie pool whereas the pressure at that depth can crush most ships and submarines except for the most specially built ones.”

This is similar to when some writers decided that Magneto should be able to alter human blood (because of the presence of Iron in spite there being too little Iron in human blood to be actually magnetic) and that Magneto should also be able to control Earth’s gravity. He was also given the ability to shoot bolts of electrical energy.

Basically in the case of Magneto and Aquaman anything with a remote reference to the element of their strength (Magnetism or Water respectively) was amped up to 11 and made an additional power. :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw Green Book at the theater the other day. It was really good.

I’d be surprised if it doesn’t win a major oscar


In POLAR, Mads Mikkelsen plays a retired assassin called “The Black Kaiser” - a send up of Hitman’s Agent 47 crossed with Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid.

The plot revolves around a mechanic where assassins can only retire in exchange for having a bounty of 8,000,000 USD put out on them.




UNCHARTED film director Shawn Levy suddenly departs the project after recently saying he was excited about the start of production and that the project was “the closest thing on our horizon”.

He will now be replaced by Dan Trachtenberg (10 CLOVERFIELD LANE). The best theory I have is that Levy faced a scheduling conflict due to Tom Holland who appears to have too many Spider-Man commitments going on.

If this continues, there is an outside chance the film is just re-developed again with the intention of dropping Tom or changing out Young Nathan for Adult Nathan or something.


They still making the Uncharted movie? Why? Every single Uncharted is better than any modern action-adventure movie.

Knowing Sony they will just try to make it like that shitty Mummy movie from 2017.


I don’t know what the chances are, but, my video gamer bias aside, going with young Nathan Drake was a good move and Tom Holland was sort of a good match.

The logic for using Kid Nathan Drake is similar to why I also once opined that the Hitman films/tv show would be better off using Old Man 47 rather than chase the current.

You want gamers who know everything (and particularly have a strong head-canon of who the character is) to be in the same boat as new viewers who don’t know anything about the character.


Yeah I wasn’t dogging on the decision to make it Young Drake but for me I would prefer that they went with a Drake adventure from between The Golden Abyss and Uncharted 1.

I am dogging on why the movie needs to be made at all. Most Sony movies are like the appendix: it is something that is there but we don’t know why it still exists and should be removed promptly. Oh and sometimes they act up and cause excruciating pain


They did good though on SPIDER-VERSE, but that is down to them trusting Lord and Miller’s instinct to use comedy in order to win the audience over an absurd concept.

The pair tried the same thing on SOLO and it got them fired, though from footage I’ve seen, I would have trusted them on that too. There were bits that were pushing SOLO towards National Lampoon comedy territory and I think Disney should have allowed SOLO to let its hair down.

UNCHARTED can work for similar reasons, though Lord and Miller are not on that show. Sony though are not a chicken-hearted studio when it comes to making these decisions… they are just the kind to be twice shy when they don’t work out.


Spider-Verse is why I said most. “Every broken clock rings true once in a while” as they say. I think I said best when I said “too think a year ago many of these animators were working on the Emoji Movie”. The film worked because two passionate people cared enough to make it good

However Lord and Miller are not related to this movie at all. And every name attached so far aside from Tom Holland does not engender confidence in me.


I read that as Departed at first. I am now disappointed


Spooderman Far from the 'Hood trailer.

Sony doesn’t seem to have spoiled huge moments and resolutions like last time (coughcoughferry scenecoughcoughcough). Good.


Well don’t be because The Irishman is coming out soon isn’t it?


Jake Gyllenhaal is Mysterio?


Indeed he is.


Prediction…the giant monster’s a fake conjured by Mysterio to make himself look good. For reasons being to pretend he’s a good guy or because he wanted to be a superhero but only has Special Effects knowledge. Hahaha.

Was there ever a version of Mysterio with actual powers?


Holy shit that actually looks pretty damn good. I would watch it regardless because Mads is my man crush. I’d go gay for him any day without a second thought :joy:. Will this be on UK Netflix on that date or just the US? I have noticed some things come out later in the UK.


That really was shitty, I loved the classic mummy films.


I wouldn’t say I can’t stand her but she definitely is forgettable.