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Never been amazed by John Wick movies but they are definitely worth a watch. This one looks decent enough too. They shouldn’t do anymore after though, I think this one will have taken it to its a limit.


So it is that time of the year again. The Academy Awards announced their nominees. For some reason the Academy decided to nominate Black Panther to appease the masses or to mock the people who complained about their most popular category. (Thanks assholes now this had to happen).


Yeah, Black Panther has no place among movies like Roma, Green Book, Vice, or BlacKkKlansman.

Also, choosing “All the Stars” as best original song for Black Panther is another example of appealing to the masses. Paramedic, X, or even Slob on me fucking knob would’ve been better.

And what’s the deal with First Reformed being nominated as best original screenplay? I love that movie, but it was released in 2017.

Let’s just be grateful that Cold War is a candidate for best foreign language film. Masterpiece.


Yes it is indeed credit to Pawel.

Maybe it was releasted later in the States. It is such bullshit First Reformed is not a best picture canidate (I think). They had two extra spots.

If they wanted a superhero movie they should have gone with Spiderverse (Hint Academy if I say a superhero needs a best picture nod it means it is fucking good) or if they wanted to appeal to black people put Sorry To Bother You on there.

Also everyone is ignoring Bohemian Rhapsody being nominated that is even more BS than BP


Also can I say how fucking pissed off I am that Kler isn’t nominated for Best Picture, Best Foreign Language Film, or ANY category really?

What is possibly the most important film of the year (especially since it was made by Catholic central, Poland), and not even an honourable fucking mention! Disgrace


There is half the amount of foreign films than American films. But it is an American award for American movies. Best Foreign film is just lip service to the other 190 countries in the world. I am pissed Sweet Country is not nominated simply cause I am Australian but I get used to it.

But I am more pissed that Disney will beat out Miria, Isle of Dogs or Spiderverse for Best Animated. They have for years now.


Fellas, it’s the Oscars and all coming from a shady industry with shady people. You are bound to see true merit being surpassed by common deal stuff.


man that movie is wacky as fuck, and not in a good way. I liked all the actors (except Tessa Thompson as per) but it just got too much for me in the second half


Yeah but the Academy has never done something as stupid as put a film like BP up for best picture.

But it is still better than Black Panther. Between Black Panther, StBY, If Beale Street Could Talk and BlackKklansman it was a good yer for African-Americans in film.


oh yeah for sure, Black Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody are a joke


It wasn’t once. Sacha said when he was on the project he wanted to go all out with Freddie, AIDS issues, Midget blow parties and explore how Queen fell apart with out Freddie. But Brian May had and still has issues with Freddie and Queen being seen that way so that is why Cohen left and we got the bog standard pseudo-live concert video, But I love Rami Maleki so there is that


Y’all are the first people I’ve encountered who aren’t claiming BP as the second coming.

(I haven’t seen it, so have no opinion).


It is not complete shite (like Blade) there are things like set design and costue work that really stand out but it is not Jesus rising from the grave again. There were better superhero movies and there were better African-American based films.


yea he was probably the only thing that kept me watching it, I’m just impatiently waiting for Mr Robot S4 at this point


You do have a huge hate boner for Tessa Thompson. lmao


Only reason why people hate Black Panther was because there were black people.

Black Panther is an okay movie. End of story.


What absolute twaddle. :joy:


I disliked the film due to its poor, cliche story, flat cinematography work, spotty acting and terrible CGI effects. Race had no bearing on my rating, that is the same rating I give to almost ALL superhero movies.


Black Panther is an extremely mediocre and kind of boring movie, Infinity War was much better and if any Marvel movie deserves a best picture nom it’s that one. I blame this on two factors: the oscars are a joke and 2018 was a boring year for movies in general.