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There was too much CGI and some of it not well done. It was a good movie but had much more potential.


All comic book movies have potential from Aardvark Cerebus to Zatanna, But I think comics should stay comics.


Superhero movies are dreadful


I will confess I loved Into the Spiderverse. It has been far far to long since I loved a superhero movie.


I love marvel movies and the dark knight movies. Couldn’t disagree more, some amazing comic adaptations around. If you don’t like them then you don’t like them.


Oh we need more people like you reading comics, we really truly do.


Care to elaborate on your clearly provocative comment?


Not particularly. It involves a lot of discussing on petty simple-minded idiots who get way to into picture books for teenagers and social politicing that would numb any sentient mind if broken into detail. So I will say there is a few reason I favour the independent and graphic novel circuit and this is one.


If you’re going to try and come across as a smart ass then use the correct “too” at least. From what I see your only goal on here is to belittle people and boost your massive Ego. Kindly fuck off back to annoying whoever you were annoying before you signed up here.


I may be a twaddle, but my opinion stands.


Woah where the hell did that come from?! You went from cordial too killer in miliseconds. I apologise if my post was a little confronting but my comic book habits and my disdain for “anti-SJW” (god I hate buzzwords) are not something I am willing to discuss on a Hitman forum. There is a time and a place an it is not here.


I see what you did there. I got carried away, it happens sometimes. You do come across as an absolute cu##tflap on this forum though.


Yeah but I always apologise (well 90% of the time). But I never do it out of sheer meanspiritedness (save for that KAI Mainframe guy but he was dickweed anyway), I am not good with people and forceful in my opinions.


At least you are honest, I like honesty.


Well I try. A lot of people have not been tolerant of me growing up so I wall myself off pretty good sometimes.

Like I said this is a Hitman forum on a movie thread not a comics forum. I believe in time and place for this stuff. Also as you may know us comic geeks can be strong in our opinions.


People are overrated, I hate most of them.


It got better by the time I reached high school and since I have been going to Uni with people who don’t know me and are more mature it has gotten better and I have gotten better.

There is no point wallowing in misanthropy I might become a deranged supervillain.


I actually think this is fair, you can have your reasons for disliking it but hating it? that usually comes down to how much you hate “muh SJW politics in my capekinos”


I think you should, sounds fun.


So you were wondering why I was being so evasive about my earlier comics mentions? It is people who say that, that is a big reason. (Obviously Spodey I am not saying you are one of them, you are smarter than that and really nice guy. I know you and you know me). Those people are the antithesis of comics a summation of what I despise in my fellow man