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Sigh. This isn’t gonna be popular, but does anyone else wish that Breaking Bad and everything associated with it would just stop? It’s over, mate. Enjoy your rest.


BCS is still great but I’m disappointed that they’re actually doing a movie after BB’s ending concluded everything neatly


I thought there was a new series coming? Not some lame movie.


Yep.However the fact that Vince Gilligan is writing and directing the movie gives me more hope.

It’s interesting that he decided to make a movie that’s sequel to BB,he always used to say he will never continue and make another season of BB because he thought it ended perfectly.And now he’s making a movie.
Also I liked how last episode of BB didn’t go too much into details and didn’t explain where Jesse is going.I liked that mystery but now it will be gone


New Detective Pikachu trailer. Lookin’ really good.

Damn, that song… Shrek 2 flashbacks intensifies.


Right? It looks better than it has any business being.



Not sure whether I like this design or not.
Definitely looks better than I thought it’d be. Having that clear animated touch makes it look a tiny bit more bearable.

In motion, on screen in the live action film… I’m afraid.


Looks like the design was blended with the Were-hog version. :neutral_face:


I think they should have gone with an approach similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam. Not that the new design is horrible, but seem like they are trying to ground Sonic a bit more in reality, which seems a bit odd.


100% agree. If this is what sonic looks like, I don’t have much hope for the rest of the cast.


I don’t want to speak bad of anybody who decides they want to make a movie.
It’s not easy making almost any kind of movie…

But I have to ask how hard it is to get DOOM right…


Given that Doom relies on gameplay over a distinct visual style, in-game camera work and lacks a solid story? I would assume it would be easy to get right but terrible if they make it a movie (which they did, it sucked).


Well there is a story… Admittedly they changed it up some between DOOM 3 and DOOM (2016)… but the idea is we have a settlement/lab/city/something on Mars and then there’s some excavation of some kind… and then Satanism happens…It boils down to the crazed mission of a Dr. Malcolm Betruger/Dr. Olivia Pierce/Dr. Samuel Hayden…

…and then lots of stuff blowing up and getting shot…the tension would come from whether or not our hero(es) can escape Hell on Mars, but also later whether they can avert Hell on Earth…

I would have thought we’d have something along those lines by now.


Not gonna lie Soup that sounds more like “things happening in sequence” than a cohesive narrative or rich character study. Who is the director on this one?


As for DOOM as a film… I never claimed a “correct” DOOM film would be in the running for Best Picture. :stuck_out_tongue:


True but it won’t even be a good popcorn movie either. When the best thing about your career is set production on Escape From L.A. You really need to be as far away from the director’s chair as possible.:joy:


That’s one of the things that befuddles me. DOOM is a simple concept. My personal pitch would have been actually to borrow elements from another Mars-based video game: RED FACTION . A game whose story probably was more meatier, but also involves excavation and Mars leading to trouble… .:stuck_out_tongue:


Why not just pitch an actual Red Faction movie?:joy: Just shelf the DOOM movies since you are essentially trying to squeeze blood from a stone.

I mean from what little I know of the Red Faction game it sounds like something you could make something at least decent with.


That much is true… RED FACTION actually has a pretty good story. The IP though I imagine isn’t worth much anymore and with a bit of tweaking - say moving the setting to another planet - one wouldn’t even need the Red Faction IP. :stuck_out_tongue: