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You want a film about space miner that fights demonic creatures in tight FPS like locations? Two words: Dead Space!


Pretty hard, lemme tell you.


Well there have already been two DEAD SPACE animated films… so… I think that’s well taken cared of.


Doesn’t matter to Hollywood. There could be 400 Dead Space movies but if one convinces the committees well enough it doesn’t matter.

Every time I try I imagine a movie producer this is what I see now…


I’m really starting to get hyped for Endgame. Personally I think this is going to see the exit of at least some of the Avengers, and I hope they give some of them a good final outing. Be interested to see what Phase 4 will have in store.


Disney just rehired James Gunn to direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Wow. Never thought they’d do it.


2 superhero movie posts in a row? shut it down guys before your resident stick-up-his-arse @Accidental-kills98 finds this thread :pensive:


You know what expedites me finding a thread like this? Tagging me.