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You want a film about space miner that fights demonic creatures in tight FPS like locations? Two words: Dead Space!

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Pretty hard, lemme tell you.

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Well there have already been two DEAD SPACE animated films… so… I think that’s well taken cared of.


Doesn’t matter to Hollywood. There could be 400 Dead Space movies but if one convinces the committees well enough it doesn’t matter.

Every time I try I imagine a movie producer this is what I see now…

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I’m really starting to get hyped for Endgame. Personally I think this is going to see the exit of at least some of the Avengers, and I hope they give some of them a good final outing. Be interested to see what Phase 4 will have in store.


Disney just rehired James Gunn to direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Wow. Never thought they’d do it.


2 superhero movie posts in a row? shut it down guys before your resident stick-up-his-arse @Accidental-kills98 finds this thread :pensive:


You know what expedites me finding a thread like this? Tagging me.


Just accidentally ran onto some info about rebooting The Matrix films, trilogy, whatever.

Here what I could dug up about it:


No. No thank you.

This text will be blurred



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Not a movie news but Cowboy Bebop has officially casted four members of the main characters. All of them diverse. No actor for that kid yet.

Also, Akira is being developed right now by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Please tell me I’ve fallen asleep and this is just a really really bad nightmare.


Maybe it’s because I’ve been up all night playing Hitman, but that sounds kinda messed up. The diverse part…


Sega knows of all the fanfictions of their franchise. Wouldn’t be surprised if the script for this movie was constructed from various fanfics, like the ones found at DevianArt.


Assassin Henry Brogen (Will Smith) is 50 years old when he finds himself targeted by another assassin who appears to have the same skills as him. Brogen is later shocked to discover that the assassin is actually himself at 23 years of age.


Looper remake?

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Are you saying that Rian Johnson’s Looper from 2012 is a remake or that there is a remake in the works? From what I can gather Looper isn’t a remake and neither is there a remake planned.

Edit: Sorry didn’t see that Gemini Man was linked above, now it makes a lot more sense. Yes they seem very similar in structure, except the for the time traveling have been switched out with cloning.


Maybe it’s not remake as an actual remake, but the description you provided is very very similar to the Looper plot


From what I can see Gemini Man have been in “production” since 1997 with a lot of different Stars and directors attached to the project.

Also it doesn’t seem that neither Looper or Gemini Man are based on books, it might just be a coincidence that they have a similar aspects. But hardly anything in Hollywood or in fiction is original.