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To me i dont like these superhero type of movies anymore unless they have something substantial… I love some movies that are well acted and have powerful plots. I give you an example… Have anyone here seen “Birdman” or a movie named “wag the dog”… Now these are my taste. So anything that falls in line where real acting is at play. Inglorious bastards and django unchained type are also in there.


After all I went watching it tonight. And I loved it. All the action happen at the half movie and you must see what son of a bitch Batman is. Hes really cruel towards his enemies and the fight with Superman is really something.

Lex Luthor is insane in a way. Some funny insane moments in the movie. I didn’t mind.

I was disappointed in one thing. You don’t see Bruce Wayne create the anti Superman suit. He already has it. And the transformation with Zod to Doomsday is kinda meh…

In other words I liked the movie. And another thing. Looks like all the music from Man of Steel is back in this movie.


Curiosity got the better of me, so I saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In short, the title is what I like to call movie bait, as they only fight for about five minutes before realising “Hey, we have a common enemy, aren’t we stupid?” Enter Wonder Woman, and together they have a CGI orgy and defeat the bad guy.

Some things I liked, other parts made me regret purchasing a ticket. Overall, an average flick, well cast (except for Jesse Eisenberg), but would’ve worked better if it cut out a secondary antagonist, along with half-an-hour of running time.


I heard Batman just straight up kills people in this movie. What.


It’s very dark, and definitely not for kids. The cinema I went to had several families with young children attend the screening, and it’ll probably give them nightmares.

Even though there’s little blood, it’s still brutal and pretty violent.


It doesn’t come out until tomorrow here in the UK but I’m not going until Sunday bad times. Looking forward to it and a more violent batman sounds cool to me, will let you know what I think sunday.


Going to watch it next Friday with three friends, i’m very exited. I liked Man of Steel, so i’m sure that i will enjoy it. Also the only real movie review site i follow, gave it 4/6 Stars. They gave Avengers 2 the same score, though i’m not that crazy about that one.


Currently IMDb gives BvS 9.1 while RT gives it 31%. Who to believe?
I guess I’ll find out for myself in a couple of hours.


The IMDb score is at 7.7. First time I checked, it was at 9.8, so it’s been dropping at quite the steady pace lmao


Well, oops. I accidentally spoiled myself for the end. And here I was hoping that I could get through this without any spoilers. Goddamn.


Getting absolutely mauled by critics. 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. Damn.


In Denmark it’s either getting fair/okay reviews or good reviews. Norway from what i have read is pretty exited about the movie, one review even said it was the next best thing since The Dark Knight.

Personally i think it’s either a love and hate relationship when it comes to this movie, i loved Man of Steel and i’m sure i’m going to enjoy this film as well. But i’m not going to let some sour “critics” decide for me beforehand. Movies are 100% subjective. The only review that i count on, is my favorite Danish films news site, they gave it a 4/6 and in general i agree with their reviews.


BvS killed it for me. Amazing movie, probably topped most Marvel movies. Batfleck was intense and amazing to watch, Luthor was manic and psychotic and really nicely done, but the rest of the cast did less ‘acting’ and more ‘action’. The final Batman/Superman fight is very well done, but after that it does go downhill. Major spoilers follow: Superman’s death was terrible. Why not just have Batman stab Doomsday? And speaking of Doomsday, it was a pile of really ugly CGI. The Flash was done great though (in his time travel scene).

I’m also just going to leave this here:


Saw Batman V Superman (was the V a typo or what?)

Was pretty bad tbh. Only redeeming quality of this movie is Affleck as Batman. He’s seriously the perfect guy to play him. Not too big of a Batman guy but mostly all the Batman stuff in this movie was superb. The first half was pretty meh and the second half was utter bollocks.

There are moments in the movie where you think they’re gonna do something cool with Superman but, like Man of Steel, quickly skip past that opportunity and get back to big explosions and shit. I personally really enjoyed the first half of Man of Steel as it was a more character driven movie and seeing Superman finding his place in the world was pretty cool. Then the rest of it just kinda turned into mindless explosions.

Basically, imagine a movie that’s a repeat of the second half of Man of Steel with some cool Batman stuff sprinkled throughout.

Oh, and I must warn you if you’re going to go see it, prepare to scowl, facepalm and lose more brain cells than ever before because the reason Batman and Superman make up is abysmal.


From Wikipedia: ‘Snyder stated that having the “v” in the title instead of “vs.” was a way “to keep it from being a straight ‘versus’ movie, even in the most subtle way”.’
… yeah, that worked perfectly.


Well I’m going to see this the tonight from the trailers I think it looks awesome as long as the action is well done I will be happy.


That’s actually the proper abbreviation in most legal systems. In Australia/UK we say “and” instead of “versus” though.


On the way to the cinema now :smiley:.


My condolences. I went in with about as much expectation as a disappointed father so I can’t imagine how shit you must feel right now. Do post your thoughts.


Don’t even know what to say about it to be honest :laughing:. The whole thing was just a mess, they tried to be fancy and overdid everything. Lots of boring pointless scenes which amounted to nothing combined with way too much CGI rather than well choreographed fight scenes.