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Biden leaving now would be a shitshow. We’ll basically be admitting to everyone that Biden is unfit for office and inferior to Trump. The media and Republicans will have a ball speculating over whether he had been “demented” during his term. And how do you think it’ll look on the Democrats if Biden had to resign after one debate with Trump? It’ll be an international disgrace.

And there’s the question of successors. Newsom, Whitmer, Buttigieg, even Harris have their own scandals and baggage, they won’t immediately beat Trump because they’re not Biden. Their policy probably wouldn’t even be any different from Biden, but this time they won’t be able to fall back on Biden’s experience or boast his accomplishments during his term because they (except maybe Harris) had little to nothing to do with them.

And we can’t even agree on who should be the next nominee. Harris is largely unpopular, but we have no valid reason to force her off the ticket because she’s not old, sick or hit with any major scandals, we’ll just be forcing her off to the ticket for an electable white person. Hell, I heard people suggest RFK Jr. or Dean Phillips as Biden’s replacement.

Oh, and we’ll have to plan and do all of this within a few months.

If Biden stays, there’s a chance he might recover, blow Trump out of the water and win. It’s a long shot, but it’s a plan, something that everyone clamouring for Biden to resign don’t have. We have zero idea on how to minimise the backlash if he steps down, we have zero idea who should be the next nominee, we have zero idea on how they should campaign. It’s not a rescue mission. It’s a suicide pact.


I think so too it would be pure chaos to step down that late, also because there does not seem someone be ready to take his place and being somewhat more popular.

According to his last health summary from February, he has no Parkinson.

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It already is a shit show with a felon on one side and a dude who mutters nonsense while seeming he could collapse and die any second on the other. But as you said, too late for any action.

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Is it possible? Yes. But is it probable? No. Democrats are trapped in a position where they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. No offence but I think it’s time to face the music that Trump is more likely to win.


Biden is already on the edge of losing. He’s never been a great president, he’s only ever been an ok president. His one truly great achievement, the hundreds of pro-consumer judges he’s appointed to the bench for the next few decades, is one that no one is even talking about, so they’re not even using the best thing in their arsenal. The best thing Eve ever had with Biden is that he’s better than Trump, and that’s literally any Democrat that gets put up. Add in everyone’s fears now about Biden’s age and ability…

Yeah, the DNC should have at least had a legitimate primary season, so the people could at least choose who they’d want to rally behind rather than just say it’s gonna be Biden. That’s no different than what the republicans are doing, just assuming Trump’s the nominee. Biden as our best chance against Trump is a sketchy proposition, and if someone else had been propped up sooner, it would give people a chance to get to know them better so they’d feel more comfortable, but they didn’t, and here we are now.

Ariane 6 inaugural flight is a success!


I’m just not any more confident about the Democrats recovering from the fallout of Biden’s resignation and nominating a candidate charismatic and clean enough to attract voters within a few months than I am with Biden staying in.

The one good thing about Trump winning is it might push Democrats to the left on Palestine. Still, we should start thinking about starting Lucas Grey militias in case Trump decides to purge us.

So Trump’s new sidekick is probably going to be Burgum. Of course it’ll be a bland moderate white guy like Pence.

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Imagine how much money Peter Theil has pumped into making Vance a viable political candidate only for Trump to unperson him because he has facial hair.

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a bit hyperbolic don’t you think

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Definitely, and more descriptive of Trump than of Biden, frankly.


Nah, you seem to be too optimistic about him. He literally muttered nonsense while seeming he could collapse and die and there’s evident video footage. This kinda optimism toward him is only in favor of Trump in the end, and from what I see he’s winning this time with the recent events.

And speculating Trump’s win i need to explain, do i want him to win? Absolutely not. That’d be chaos on a global level. Yet it wouldn’t personally effect me as either way i have an Iranian passport i can’t get rid of and uncle sam doesn’t like that.

Trump has been mumbling nonsense every time he’s gone out in public for at least the last year, with it getting progressively and measurably worse each month, to the point where he thinks all his political enemies are interchangeable, and is very overweight with an unhealthy diet for a man his age, which is only 3 years younger than Biden. His words, actions, and behaviors have always indicated something fundamentally wrong with his brain because he does not act or talk or think like a normal person, and he has appeared to be developing dementia or some other cognitive disease over the last year that dozens of mental health professionals have stated he’s showing signs of.

Biden is not in the best position right now, politically, and I don’t like the fact that he’s going to be the nominee, but let’s not pretend that it’s anywhere close between the two of them. Biden has a lifelong stutter that affects how he speaks, he had a cold that night of the debate, and he was tired from having been traveling before that day’s debate. Yes, his age is affecting him, but it’s mostly a “sundowning” effect, with him being more active in daylight hours. Yes, he didn’t look well that day, but it’s disingenuous how much the media is harping on the one day he put in a bad performance while ignoring the obvious decent into full senility and insanity Trump is displaying and has been for a long time. At best, based on recent reveals of what kind of medical experts have been visiting the White House, Biden may be beginning to display signs of Parkinson’s, which effects motor function, not cognition.

And despite my concerns earlier in the week, more recent polls have shown that Trump and Biden are statistically tied at the national level, which is what they more or less were before the debate, so for any practical purpose, nothing changed after that debate.


Trump says the most unhinged shit 24/7. Biden stumbles over his words sometimes. They aren’t really comparable in any way.

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He did it again :grimacing:


again, he checks himself instantly. trump doubles down and goes on weird tangents. is biden crazy old? sure. but I could’ve made the same mistake in front of a large crowd/national tv.

biden mistakenly calls zelensky putin. trump would endorse putin and be buddies with him.


See, this is exactly the thing. The media is hyping up this misspeak, a simple thing that happens all the time; my favorite political pundit who I watch daily mixes up the names of the people he’s talking about and the person they’re up against all the time and doesn’t realize it sometimes. It’s a thing people do, and then they either realize it, or it gets pointed out to them and they correct it and apologize for any confusion.

Right now, this slip-up from Biden, confusing Zelensky with Putin for a brief moment, when he has both men on his mind for the subject of the whole meeting, and while he is under intense pressure, is now all over the news landscape like it’s a major issue. Not only would this not have been a major issue had it been any other president like Obama, Bush, or Clinton, but there also wasn’t this much coverage this quickly when Trump called Biden Obama, or when he called Nancy Pelosi Nikki Hailey, multiple times, denied that it was a slip-up and tried to pretend he did it on purpose to be ironic somehow, on top of how he slurs his words every time he appears in public now and just makes up nonsense words whenever he does screw up, on top of not finishing his sentences or thoughts before going off in a whole new direction, usually about Hannibal Lecter or about dying from sharks and batteries.

The disingenuousness of the media’s coverage for the sake of ratings by spreading this false narrative of Biden being practically brain dead due to easily explainable and confirmable situations, solely to keep us glued to our screens out of fear, while ignoring the liar/conman/felon/rapist/thief on the other side who is showing clear signs of absolute lunacy, is infuriating.



Imagine WWIII beginning when a senile Biden shouts “We were on a break!” and then nuking Moscow back to the Stone Age.

Is this a reference to something? I don’t get it.

The scene is from the season 4 finale of FRIENDS, in which the character Ross is getting married to a new character recently introduced, named Emily. The woman standing in the background is Rachel, a character whom Ross has been in love with since high school, who he had finally entered a relationship with for a year, and who, due to a misunderstanding and his insecurities, he cheated on. They break up after, but Ross refuses to admit it’s his fault because Rachel suggest before the incident that they take a break from each other, and Ross keeps saying he didn’t cheat because they were on a break. Rachel holds him responsible for it all because they never actually decided to actually take the break (even though she does say during the argument that they were on one, so she’s somewhat in the wrong, but it’s still 95% Ross’s fault). They officially break up after this.

However, Ross is still in love with Rachel on some level, and Rachel has just realized in this scene that she’s still in love with Ross and is ready to forgive him and get back together, and wants to tell him before he gets married to Emily. But when she sees them together in this scene and sees that Ross is happy, she can’t do it. Since she had previously said she wasn’t coming to the wedding, Ross is surprised to see her and it throws him off a little.

The joke from these last two posts is, when the wedding ceremony starts and gets to the vows, since Rose still has Rachel on his mind from her showing up, he accidentally says her name at the alter instead of Emily’s. It’s one of the most shocking and painfully awkward moments in television history.

So @scat1620 is posting the scene to show that Joe Biden getting names wrong is as cringy as Ross saying the wrong name at the alter, and also showing (don’t know if it was intentional though) that it’s because the two people he switched the names on were both on his mind and that’s why it got switched. @Accidental_Kills98 is joking that Biden could claim they were on a break, like Ross did, for any actions he takes in a moment of such confusion, if it is actually a deeper cognitive issue.

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