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Yep, always though there was a parallel to Stillson and Trump, except I’d give Stillson credit for having more balls and more brains.

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GOP: gaslight, obstruct, project. This is a guy who famously doesn’t pay his bills.

What a fucking irresponsible, traitorous asshole.

Ah, the GOP: the party that gets stuff done!

I’ll give them this; if at first they don’t succeed,
they definitely keep trying. If only they’d apply that same determination toward rational, helpful things.

Democrats flipped expelled Representative George Santos seat tonight. Early/mail in ballots vs. voters who voted on election day became critical. Democrats had the benefit that in the lead up to the special election they organized a large effort to get voters to cast ballots early compared to Republicans who banked on election day turnout bringing them over the edge. Not planned however was a snowstorm that hit the district this morning causing election day turnout to be very little until snow & roads got cleared later into the day. While I wouldn’t say the storm alone caused Democrats to win, I think it probably helped Tom Suozzi win by a more comfortable margin than what many had been expecting.


This is awesome. And your analysis is on point. Early voting is important and get out the vote campaigns are necessary. Also, the weather turned out actually quite nice today around early afternoon!


America did the most America thing today.

Details vary a bit from source to source, but two or three people have been detained, at least one person is dead, 8 of the 20+ victims are children and about ten people are in critical condition.


Greece has become the first Christian Orthodox nation to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption. :greece: :rainbow_flag:


Considering the Greeks, took em long enough!


Donald Trump has been fined more than $350 million in his New York civil fraud trial. In addition, he has been barred from serving as an officer or director of any corporation or entity in the state of New York for three years. Donald Jr. and Eric Trump have also received two year bans.


Excellent! The bastard is underwater on most of his properties, so this is enough to be the beginning of the imminent end for him!

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350 million? Those are some big numbers. Big, big numbers, the biggest really. Simply YUGE.


If he doesn’t pay his bills, can Russia attack him?

This would be the first private landing. Only five country have landed on the moon beforehand.
This comes a few months after India joined that list, and after Russia demonstrated its current incapabilities.


“Unless conservatives become more active in speaking out… Western civilisation is doomed,” Ms Truss said.

She was speaking at the biggest annual gathering of conservatives in the US.

The UK’s shortest-serving PM - who was in Downing Street for six weeks - also sought to peg her downfall to “antagonism” from the establishment.

Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up you pathetic waste of skin. Everybody fucking hates you.


(Looks at the news of the previous post, looks at the news of Quinn’s post, realizes that Barry McGuire was right)

“Ah, you may leave here
For four days in space,
But when you return,
It’s the same old place.”

Stuff like this makes me deeply uncomfortable. Someone who was groomed online as a minor and left to join Islamic State has had their British citizenship stripped and lost all appeals. That shouldn’t be allowed. Citizenship should be permanent. If she has done something illegal then charge her. You can’t use citizenship as a weapon like that. Rendering people stateless is a deeply reprehensible thing to do.

Bear in mind she was born and lived her entire life in the UK until she left to join IS. The usual process is to extradite people, so they are only doing this to make an example.