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Dutch election happened, Mark Rutte won again and Geert Wilders and his silly hair failed to make many gains.

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What's New?
What's New?

Merkel: “[…] and a good day for democracy”

Yea I like to say the same when the party which I like the most won… sigh


A gunman reportedly armed with several weapons has attacked a high school in the French town of Grasse.

The government has sent a nationwide terrorist attack warning to smartphones, and police are urging local residents to stay indoors.

At least two people are believed to have been hurt after the gunman intruded the Alexis de Tocqueville high school and opened fire - and one of those injured is reportedly the headmaster.

Police sources say a 17-year-old student who was unknown to authorities has been arrested, and the suspect was carrying a rifle, two handguns and two grenades.

Grasse’s mayor said another student, who is also armed, remains on the run - and it is thought both suspects were intending to shoot a classmate.

A shopkeeper opposite the school told Franceinfo he heard “several shots” and three schoolgirls had taken refuge inside his store.

Other schools across the town have been put on lockdown, according to local officials.

France remains in a state of emergency following deadly attacks in Paris and Nice over the past two years.


It was a good day for democracy - 82% voter turnout, and far right populism was largely rejected. Nice news.

Let’s hope France sticks it to the NF next month and the far right can be routed in Europe, at least on the main political stage, for the time being. Make it three for three.


I am also happy for the 82%, but the plus of voters is MAYBE caused of the right-populism. I am eager to read about the shift of votes. I just find it questionable to play it down, even more to be glad that a party who bought the citizen to the booth was not that successful as everyone feared. Every vote should be honored in the light of democracy.


Well I am not an expert in Dutch politics but my understanding is that elections almost always produce a coalition government due to how the system is strucured. Unlike the UK which has a first past the post voting system or the USA with electoral colleges, every vote does indeed matter.

The fact is Geert Wilders just wasn’t as popular as everyone suspected.


I am not speaking about the weigth of votes but that it was a better election the more went to the booth.


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Anyways, here’s a creepy article.

God, sounds like something you’d see in a movie or something.


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It’s time to get this thread back on track:

A letter exploded Thursday at the French office of the International Monetary Fund, lightly injuring one person, amid heightened security around Europe after a string of deadly attacks.

The incident came as a Greek anarchist group claimed responsibility for a failed letter bomb sent to the German Finance Ministry on Wednesday.


At least 31 are dead after an attack chopper opened fire on a boat carrying somalian refugees.


Ed Miliband seems to have discovered his sense of humour recently, I’m not sure where it was during his term as leader of the opposition, but this kind of mettle would have done him some good.


“Despite the witness account, details of the incident remained confusing. A port official gave a contradictory account of the incident, telling Agence France-Presse the boat had docked at the port and the dead and injured had been hit with light weapons fire.”

Hm, light weapons fire, Apache have a 30 mm gatling gun/chain gun, so that’s not a light weapon and i think it would sink the boat.