General News Thread 2.0


What will the UK Government even do with him? The charges against him in Sweden were dropped so there’s no reason for him to even be detained anymore.

If they hand him over to Sessions I’m going to be fucking sick.


He is a dick but I hope he finally gets back home and Wikileaks can focus on it’s purpose and not the Free-Assange campaign. It burned away enough donations.


He is a dick and I dislike the fact I have to defend him on principle - But consistency is important when you’re talking about the freedom of publishers to publish leaks.

I do feel Wikileaks lack of curation is a mistake though.


Putting up “heros” is always a mistake if you claim to be principles-ridden.


Eh you missed my thread about it? :stuck_out_tongue:
Fight the EU copyright reform!

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Posted it here so more people would see it. I didn’t miss your thread, I even liked your posts in that thread :smile:


CNN compares the 1930’s to 2018.

Conclusion: Old problems (particularly unemployment and lack of baseline wealth for majority of persons) that brought on war very quickly are not reoccurring, but we have instead a growing disillusionment that is exploited by Far Right groups who resort to the same suggested actions as they did in the 1930’s: Protectionism, Ultra-Nationalism, Violent Activism, and Racial Segregation.


To be honest, I don’t think it does the left any favours when it seems like at any opportunity, it seems like they will find a way to compare the events of today with that of the past, and specifically the Nazis. I think it has reached the point where it comes across as crying wolf, and that it is easy to mock the left for it.

Not to diminish the effect the far right and the rise of Trump has had, ofcourse.


In other, lighter news, Britain could be the place where the future of personal transport will take flight:

The suit, and its associated technology is the cornerstone of Gravity, a new company that is generating interest in Military, Rescue, and Mobility industries.

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We are not in the 1930s, for various reasons: we don’t have Nazi parties in political power in any country. There isn’t ethnic cleansing and mass genocide happening in Europe. Segregation is almost completely wiped out.


yeah, but I think more importantly it explains why no such “Nazi-like Parties” are able to run with the same power as they did in the 1930’s.

In Germany for example, the Nazis recruited people from the jobless and the discontented, which comprised as much as 30% of the German population in the 1930’s.

Today you do have some White Supremacists in places like Germany, but the unemployment is only 3% or so. Meaning, you cannot really activate a large scale extremist party if not that many people are poor and hungry.

It’s a similar situation elsewhere. America was hit hard in 2008, but it doesn’t have the same impact as the Great Depression did in the 1930’s.

The main worry though is that there is some argument that the reach of some of these ideologies have reached the few that are in power such as Trump.


This is actually a valid concern. no less than Macron of France has said that he too has noticed that people have become desensitized to extremist rhetoric.

It’s like we’ve heard it too many times, or presume people cannot possibly be so stupid as to cast themselves as “New Nazis”.

But this does dive into the point CNN makes about world savings and employment figures. Maybe people are not responding (pro or anti either way) because maybe not that many people are in bad shape.


The US President continues to be a master of diplomacy and tact when dealing with foreign natio… Just kidding. He’s a complete idiot.


Does Trump play COD on xbox 360? the way he carries himself he would seem like the type that do.


It’s amazing that he goes on ALL CAPS RAMPAGES in the early hours of the morning. He’s an Internet troll who became President and its embarrassing.

On a funnier note I love this tweet response…


He’s more like a lagoon creature which has emerged from the depths of the YouTube comments section.


The death penalty is a yes or no issue. Either you support it or you do not. There is no middle ground that allows you to pick and choose when it is acceptable, that’s what supporters of execution do. Those who will make exceptions can’t in good conscience claim they are opposed to it.

If you live in a country that does not have the death penalty you should not deport your own citizens to a country that won’t rule out executing them. Yes, even for terrorism.


If you live in a secular country based on demoractic values, you shouldn’t go around beheading people in the name of fairy tale book


you shouldn’t go around beheading people in general.

that doesn’t make this okay.