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It teaches you that you cannot find absolute knowledge. If you are against inductive reasoning like I am, you always have to remember that the theory you beleive in must not be really true. It is just something that works the best for now.

On the bright side, you can know that a theory is wrong. For that concept look up falsification.

There already was a rape-simulator that originated in Japan. These themes are a mess, but aren’t strange at all or even surprising by now.


Oh, yes, of course. Our understanding of the world is tentative, based upon the best available evidence provided to explain an occurence. For all we know, some new evidence could come to light tomorrow that completely destroys the theory of evolution by natural selection, but until such an event happens the only reasonable belief we can hold is one that agrees with the best available evidence. Would that assessment be correct?

Yes that is pretty much how it works today. Today’s evidence tries to falsify theories. The more often that cannot be done, the more it seems the theory works.

Good-o, thanks for clearing some things up for me :smile:

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Now back to the topic.

Part of the irony on dealing with studies is that you basically have to learn how to study studies in order to spot the issues and scope out how much it doesn’t cover. There’s certainly no shortage of reports claiming a “study proves” when the study itself says “we found something interesting and want more people to stud it to find out if it’s right or not”

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I thought authoritarian leaders didn’t have good relationships with horses

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Yup what great fact checking.

“One in three women is sexually assaulted on the dangerous journey north.”

This is [partially accurate]. It reflects findings of a 2017 Doctors Without Borders report, but it’s not necessarily representative of the entire migrant population trekking north.

He never said that it was representative of the entire migrant population. See how political bias still factors into fact checking.

This story hasn’t yet been picked up by the major media.

The breakdown is this.

Married Candidate uses mistress to get campaign information about his rival.

So he basically used his dick as a carrot and cut her off when he got what he needed. Yoooo, think about that.

Dude is like:

“I’ma fuck this chick behind my wife’s back and at the same time use her as a under cover volunteer for the opposition candidate.She will send me emails form his campaign which I will then send to a political action committee that can use them to make ads, etc.”

Wow that’s high level fuck boy.

Using your dick as a political weapon.

From the party of family values and voter ID laws


And yet DWB still don’t want the White House to use their report.

Can’t wait till Bill Microsoft hears about this


Doctors Without Borders

Don’t even bother. Handy would think giving to any charity is tantamount to Communism.

It still does not change the fact that he was right. No matter how they feel about how he was used it. Sure they can dislike him using it but it is still a fact and the “fact checkers” never corrected him since he was right. Women where raped so were should ignore it because Trump talked about it?

I give to charity and no it is not communism. Try again.

They specifically objected because he was not right, he was misrepresenting data from a small sample group who are not typical of the larger group.

This is known as lying.


I never said this, I said he lied. Which he did. It’s pretty fucking easy to see

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They state it themselves.

I didn’t say you did. Sorry if you thought i did. It was a question not a statement.