General News Thread 2.0

At least he lost his seat in the recent election.


Yep so did Tony Abbott. Lost to an Independent as well. Still not enough for Labour to actually win though. Stupid Queensland and their stupid coal mine.


So In ESC, when they showed the jury votes, could you see they country borders when they got to the next one.
But they made a mistake, when they showed Italy, did they show them owning Corsica, but not Sardinia. But Italy owns Sardinia, not Corsica
When they showed France, did they not own Corsica, nor Sardinia.

So yeah minor visual mistake, thats all


15 posts were split from this topic due to a member posting anti-muslim propaganda then doubling down in multiple instances.

Some slightly more objective journalism that doesn’t depict this as some cataclysmic race war:


A general reminder that comparisons of theatrical violence intended to apply social pressure to not advocate for genocide to actual violence against people based off arbitrary elements of their identity is in no way civil or welcome on this forum. It is especially not welcome when it hinges on misinformation pretending that groups who’s primary purpose is to advocate hate and violence against people based off the circumstances of their birth or intimately personal aspects (race, religion, nationality, sexuality, gender identity, etc) are comparable to people they want to murder.

Also that yes, when you see people doing this: Flag it.


Shake, Rattle and Troll


suck it (but use a non-plastic straw if you must because those are better for the environment)


So in something a little different to all the talk of elections, racism, facism and milkshakes…

“Queerbaiting” as a term is a new one for me. As is “digisexuality”. And I had no idea that “computer-generated influencers” were now a thing.

I swear I can hear Charlie Brooker laughing/crying from far off…

Link’s not up right in the post.

The link should be correct.

Oh do links from Politico show up like ones from news articles? The link works but it just doesn’t look like the CBC link with the picture and everything.

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Yeah, for some sites there’s no picture, but the link works fine, for me at least

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Yeah I was able to read it just though it was up wrong or something.

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Liberty is an act of defiance…

Binay’s Clan though is sort of embroiled in their own corruption scandal so her defiance is somewhat political in nature.

Grace Poe is known to stand by her own principles, but her power is purely concentrated on those principles and her electorate, so I don’t know honestly how that works moving forward.

McLaren went from nearly winning the 2017 Indianapolis 500 with a Honda-Andretti entry to spectacularly failing to qualify for the 2019 Indianapolis 500 when it tried to build its own team with UK based Carlin Motorsport…

Choice bits…

Autosport go through the debrief of the entire debacle:

Incredible lows for what was once such an incredible sporting team. :confused: