General News Thread 2.0


You know, i’d be able to buy Trump’s moralizing over the chemical attacks if he hadn’t authorized airstrikes and operations in Iraq and Syria that have killed hundreds of civilians over the prior weeks. This is a guy who said war had become too “politically correct”, wanted to bring back torture, wanted to kill the families of suspected terrorists - And he expects us to believe that he is somehow now morally opposed to Assad?

FUCK YOU TRUMP. You don’t get to moralize with the body count you’ve racked up already.


I didn’t think Trump was that bad but damn, he just did exactly what Hillary wanted to do.

This is insane. This shouldn’t be happening.


Also, so much for maintaining a friendly relationship with Russia. Can’t wait to get nuked by Putin!


Does anyone else feel the timing of the strikes came across as impulsive rather than decisive?


My first impulse is to say yes.

While I normally would consider it plausible that there is a plan in place how to react to a number of conflict situations, I just don’t see it here. Hard to picture there being any sort of long term plan at play here.


Germany only got a Marx statue. :sweat_smile:


Is there any statue for Engels;)


A truck just drove into a crowd of people at one of the best known squares in Stockholm. I work nearby, but I’m fine.

Just wanted to check in in case anyone cares.


Oh wow :flushed: terror or an accident?


3 people dead.


Police is warning about terror can happen again, they suspect terror attack.



Glad you are alright Kent.


Its so strange that prievous Truck/Car attacks have been done in name of Religion Of Peace


Lots of disgusting shit is done in the name of religion, but you’re jumping
to conclusions already. Pretty sure that got you suspended last time so I
would avoid making sweeping generalizations if I were you.


I don’t live in Stockholm so I’m fine.


Dude. Don’t get into trouble, I’m not in the mood to moderate.

Edit: Public transport is on halt. I’m stuck in the city.


Apparently Trump took action because he saw pictures of sick & dying children.

Let’s say that’s the truth - that’s a fucking stupid reason coming from a guy who says “America first” when we having nothing to gain from a war with Syria.

I mean look at this shit.

Looks like the candidates don’t matter, it’s the same script every time.


And yet he has banned those children from seeking asylum and refugee status in the United States purely becauee they are Syrian.

Trump, the man who said “wars had become too politically correct” because you weren’t allowed to kill human shields anymore. The man who said he would bring back waterboarding and “a whole lot worse” than waterboarding. The man who said it wasn’t enough just to kill terrorists anymore, you had to “take out their families”. The man who put an indefinite ban on ALL refugees from Syria. The man who, Since becoming President, has stepped up US airstrikes and special forces assaults in the middle east that have left hundreds and hundreds of civilians dead. The man who ordered a Navy SEAL operation that massacred civilians including women and children all whilst praising it as a successful operation.

And we are now expected to believe that this man has suddenly developed a conscience because he saw pictures of what is actually happening in Syria? No. Not at all. I simply will not accept moralizing from Trump - He is in no position to take the moral highground when is own orders have killed hundreds and hundreds of civilians in 2 months.


Unless you are a first responder to the attack or have psychic powers, then no you don’t. Don’t pretend otherwise.

Kent - Are you able to catch a bus/train yet?


Nope. They’ve cancelled all trains. I’m think I’m gonna try for a cab.


And did you write your comment before or after you saw those pictures?


I had seen the picture when I wrote that. Wouldn’t have needed it though