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It strikes me as odd that there aren’t standard commands in these situations. I can’t imagine that they’re supposed to tell someone to “crawl” if they don’t explicitly mean to move forward on your hands and knees.


Why is there a need to crawl? Just lay your hands down and put the handcuffs on. The first thing that this imbecile cop should have done is ask the folks for any weapons, if not, then ask them to lay down flat on the ground so someone can put handcuffs on. The guys was adjusting his shorts when the fucker shot him, and why you ask, is because the lovely lawmakers have made it legal to conceal carry firearms. If there were no guns, the cops wont be on their toes. But the thing that makes my blood boil is why is that cunt cop (pardon my language) is being so fucking hostile, just tell them calmly what to do. If you’re out with your wife/girl and you come back to your hotel room and the next day when you are checking out and you’re greeted with this, every sane person would be wobbly. The laws in the great USA are FUCKED.


No, police officers behaved exactly the same way when it was illegal in most jurisdictions to carry concealed firearms.




I thought the left was against making blanket statements about a group of people


He says, whilst referring to me as “the left”.


Hahaha, you have a point, but saying all police are A.C.A.B is far from the truth and wrong.


Do you support Anarchism?


Who said I was the left heh


Should I call the Leftist Headquarters that totally definitely exists to see if “A.C.A.B” is Leftist approved language or not? Or maybe… I am speaking for myself.


While I fully understand the humor behind this… realistically leftists have also used that phrase.


I just watched the body-cam footage, and it sent chills down my spine.

This was a completely preventable situation, and forcing the poor guy to crawl toward the police like that increased the likelihood that he would lose balance and make wild movements, while the officer’s bizarre orders were probably confusing even to a sober person. They could’ve easily approached him and restrained him while he was flat on the floor, instead of clinging onto the notion of “comply perfectly or die.”

It’s a shock that the officer involved walks away from all this without any legal sanctions, and he’s probably now free to apply to other police departments or security agencies where he’ll be tasked with “protecting” other lives. I can only hope he never goes near a gun again, but I doubt it.


The fact he even said this and it wasn’t a massive breach of protocol is ridiculous in my opinion. Even if the arrest took place and the guy wasn’t shot, people who threaten others with death have no business being cops.


Exactly. Police Officers have the job of calming people,slowing dangerous situations down,avoiding conflicts if possible. They should have cuffed him,frisked him to see if he had a gun and asked him a few questions,all without threatening him. The whole problem would have been nothing but a happy incident. No. The situation escalated and now 2 little girls have no daddy to go to and a woman was made a widow. Disgusting. I hope that officer burns in hell.




Sadly, the only silver lining to come out of this case is the fact that the murderous, power hungry scumbag who hid behind his gun and badge is no longer a serving police officer. However, that doesn’t solve the core problem - Which is the fact that Police in the USA can effectively murder people with impunity. There’s no accountability when it happens, not on an individual level and not on a systemic level. Because of this, nothing is learned. No changes to the law are made, because legally, according to the justice system, the officer is not criminally culpable. Morally, we know that to be completely and utterly untrue.

No lessons will be learned from the death of Daniel Shaver, just as none were learned from the deaths of Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and the countless other unarmed people who are killed by police. No changes to the law were made. There’s not going to be any reform, there’s not going to be any change to the way officers are vetted and hired, and that can only mean one thing - This will happen again


Indeed it will. Incompetence in its finest hour,as a man who ruined a family and took someone’s life walks among us,as if he still had a right to. Did you hear the video? He had “You are fucked” written on a charm on his rifle. “You are fucked”. Says a lot about that guy,a fake badass that was compensating his lack of intelligence with a badge bigger than his brain. A police officer that should protect us had a writing that basically shows his desire to open fire on a possibly innocent man. As you said,since no punishment is being handed,there will be no lesson. There should be punishment. Not because of me feeling angered or because “justice”. But just because this situation requires an adequate punishment such as a long sentence in jail as he killed an innocent man without reason(without reason indeed because none of the other policemen fired a single shot,and one even screamed “DON’T”)in a situation where he clearly wasn’t in any danger. It would make policemen pay more attention. It would make the scummy ones understand that they cannot simply hide behind their badge to avoid punishment. It would be useful. But sadly,when do we ever use logic in our society?I mean,this is the same society in which “Gucci Gang” got popular and guys like Lil Pump are actually famous instead of being on the streets since his IQ is as low as a squirrel. Just saying. At least this time around it wasn’t due to skin color. Just to a cop’s stupidity.


Just read about this in the norwegian news :open_mouth:, this is from CNN and it’s happening just now:


Three injured included the suspect, this could end in a huge disastre, but luckily it didn’t :grinning:.


That makes my blood boil too! First the Policeman gives confusional instructions and then he shoots an unarmed guy that is afraid of his life? He had more than enough time to put handcluffs on him. What a secular human being.

I was not very suprised this news came from USA. The Policeman get´s no punishment for murding a young unarmed man, business as usual in this fully armed nation

Defently it will. Will they learn something or maybe change law? No.
USA debts: 20887720333362 US Dollar

Weapons = Money --> USA= bankrupt without weapon-industry
–> Daniel Shaver = Colleteral damage

That´s USA government logic


Luckily it appears the only person injured is the suspect. Apparently it went off prematurely.

I always panic when I read about shit like this happening in NYC.