General News Thread 2.0


The ongoing wildfires in California have now destroyed an area equivalent to NYC.


Doug Jones just defeated Roy Moore in the polls.

Edit: Lol, now Trump’s salty his bitch didn’t win so he wants a recount.


I’m not an American, but got to say, I am glad Doug Jones won. Someone like Roy Moore shouldn’t have any power whatsoever.


Roy Moore is a piece of shit. Glad he lost.


I hold a piece of shit in higher regard than Roy Moore.


Congrats, Alabama. You didn’t elect a paedophile!

The first democrat in Alabama’s senate seat in two decades. Best of all, he’s replacing Jeff Sessions. There’s got to be an incredible Trump Tantrum going on in The White House right now!


At least shit was delicious food before. Roy Moore stayed Roy Moore all of his life.



Cool :grinning: maybe it’s hope for the US after all, just need to remove Trump and everything will go back to normal.

I really hope so :joy: he only deserve misery :blush:.

In norwegian news the headlines is: A huge defeat of Trumpism :blush:.


It sure does guys and i’m glad you used your right to vote and voted against Moore :grinning:.


Good bye internet. It was fun while it lasted.

Maybe it will improve with less Americans on it.


Thank god I’m not american! I feel so bad for them,they instantly basically went back to 2008-like wifi with how slow it’s gonna get. To be honest though,if enough people start complaining and cause a big enough mess then Ajit Pai would forced to give this shit up. The people always have the power. I mean,honestly,it’s kinda surprising really. All of this youtube channels that are popular and none of the american youtubers (hell,even the ones that get on my nerves like the Paul bros or DramaAlert) thought about using their media enough to get some sort of response that is powerful enough to make this guy feel intimidated. I mean it,the Lootbox/EA ordeal took the priority. If they got that kind of response against Pai then he would pussy out. But too late I guess,net neutrality RIP,just hope no one else follows up on that retarded idea. Guess making silly vlogs is a priority to a lot of people that could have prevented it eheheh.


I wouldn’t laugh too much if America loses net neutrality. Nothing to stop these massive companies from trying to influence other Western countries into passing legislation of their own and I wouldn’t put it past the current pro-business Tory government in the UK to get the idea of getting rid of our own net neutrality laws, especially when we may no longer be binded by the EU net neutrality legislation.


Being italian I’m confident that,for at least a couple of years,no one is even gonna mention it. Plus,if america does lose net neutrality,there is gonna be a major uproar. I don’t think it’s gonna last long anyways once they take it from them. I mean,right now it’s not getting relevant but as soon as it happens…rough day for Ajit Pai. Or no one is going to do anything 'till the end. Either way,Ajit Pai is scum and losing net neutrality shouldn’t even be considered. Bad news.


It would be foolish to think net neutrality in the US wont affect others elsewhere. The EU definition has loopholes, Portugal’s ISPs already have questionable contracts in the offer. Also in the future it might happen that a country or continent which has strong net neutrality rules still can’t do something about it when ISPs there route packets in a country where they are allowed to break net neutrality.
I once participated to an event where the matter was discussed, one who works at an ISP gave us technical insight which make it VERY obvious that even the tiniest hole in laws or international situation open up new ways to break it. Network routing is rocketscience.
It would be a BIG deal when the US loses it. Most of the big services are located there after all. And the megacorps dont fight for net neutrality because they love the users but because without it they need to pay ISPs extra to not slow down their services.

I spoke with an American on Twitter these days. He was very libertarian and considers laws like for net neutrality as an illegitimate intervention into the market. I have the feeling this view is easily found among some Americans and even more among the Republicans.


I hate to ruin the party, but Doug Jones’ win isn’t a massive defeat of the alt-right nor is it some huge victory for liberal democratic norms. The fact that partisan tribalism in the US got this close to having a theocratic, racist, authoritarian, alleged paedophile who takes money from neo-Nazis to the Senate is a huge reflection of the extent to which these norms have deteriorated.

The big reason Moore (barely) lost was sexual assault accusations, not his inhumane stances on immigration, not that he wanted the death penalty for gays, not that he thought America was great with slavery, not his conspiratorial views, not his disrespect for the rule of law. I can almost guarantee you that without the paedophilia charges, he would’ve probably won. You’ll most likely see more candidates like Moore without such fatal flaws, and they’re probably going to win.

The only hope that this election gives the US is that there are still some things (like pedophilia) so beyond the pale that even the forces of partisan tribalism cannot defeat them. And, even then, the margin is pretty thin. That’s a pretty weak victory compared to how far gone things have become.


I agree,the fact that Moore got this close to winning is actually scary.
We live in dark times where the bigger the scumbag the better his life.
“Death penalty for gays”,he is all buddy buddy with a pastor that also preaches omophobic thoughts isn’t he? Racism,omophobia,that’s where I draw the line. People like him shouldn’t be able to partake in our society,let alone be vote-able.


Oh I’m all for US net neutrality surviving. It would take possibly years but,as you said,it would end up influencing the world sooner or later. This would be a lot easier…if…Ajit Pai would just “fade to black”.
slowly caresses red rubber duck
This internet…this…net neutrality…there is net neutrality for everyone…and a website and a wifi…a modem…yes…maybe this is how it has to be…Ajit Pai…you obviously know too little about how the web works…we can’t have that…not even in my long wait for a 100 mb download as you slowed shit down so much it takes 2 hours for it,plus now Netflix runs at 144p… picks up FE from a wall


70% of White people voted for Roy Moore. Shameful.



This is just fucking ridiculous. But I am loving the fact Daily Heil is so fucking salty over it:

Fuck the lot of you Brexiteer extremists. You’ll never ever get what you want and I am glad. Fuck you.


Heaven forbid we try to limit the amount of damage this kamikaze ego trip is going to cause us.


I’m surprised the Daily Mail just doesn’t advocate putting the 11 of them up against a wall and shooting them. Compared to their “Enemies of the People” headline, this is rather restrained of them.