General News Thread 2.0


I’m surprised people still read The Daily Mail’s fucking garbage. The only use I’ve found for their newspapers is if you’re out of toilet paper.


Nah. It’s still so edgy you’d cut yourself.


Can’t use shit to wipe shit now can we?


You’d be amazed how many older people read The Daily Mail, my grandpa was one of them who would absolutely take it at face value.


It’s incredible that throughout this campaign we have had Tory and UKIP MPS bragging about taking back control of the country and yet throwing a shit fit when that’s exactly what Parliament vote to do. How on earth can these politicians ever say that they have the public interest at heart?


First I just wanna say my sympathy for the family of Dan Johnson his family will have a heavy burden for the rest of their days. And I just wanna be clear although I am completely disgusted by Dan Johnson’s behavior I am not gloating over his death.

Dan Johnson of Kentucky, republican state representative killed himself yesterday.

I first became aware of Mr. Johnson when it was discovered he liked and posted memes of Obama and his family as monkies. Playing on the popular slur of blacks as monkies. He also had memes and posts calling Islam a terror cult, pictures of him with the rebel flag, and a picture saying “I love being white”

Recently Mr. Johnson has come under renewed pressure to step down from his position after he was accused of molesting a 17 year old member of his church where he was Pastor in the basement of the church during a 2012 New Years Eve celebration. When this was first publicly known in 2013 local police spent 7 months on the investigation and then closed it.

(NPR Article)

KyCIR reports that at some time after the alleged incident, “The Louisville Metro Police Department opened an inquiry, but detectives later closed the case, citing a lack of interest or assistance from the teen. She told KyCIR she never wanted the case abandoned.” Detectives reopened the case months ago, following KyCIR’s inquiries.

So after the investigation was reopened renewed calls for him to step down came up and this bring us to yesterday where he posted a facebook message before driving to a mountain to kill himself.

Below is the suicide note Mr. Johnson left behind.


While I have great sympathy for the family I have none for Mr. Johnson. It seems he has done the popular thing in this country and has wrapped himself in the flag of American Christianity. As a Pastor of the Christian faith he should already know that the bible calls suicide a great sin, of which one cannot be forgiven, his own beliefs say he has sent his soul to hell. He can’t even follow his own religious guidelines to literally save his soul.

It is a shame that Mr. Johnson chose to do this but from what I knew of the man he seemed to be a bum who was all about himself and his pride, so I am not surprised that he died this way. I think he killed himself to avoid the public shame he has caused himself and his family. He wanted people to feel sorry for him again.


the FCC just voted to repeal net neutrality. it still needs to be voted again at congress, but this is just painful.

thanks ISPs. i really appreciate it


Time for Congress and Court to do it’s thing. And hopefully not fuck up.


doubtful because i’ve heard of people calling their senators and they would just reply “no thanks, i support repealing net neutrality, k bye”


Maybe this encourages the internet to get more decentralized, shifting the services who are mostly in the US to other tax havens all over the world! :slight_smile:


Toothy McSmugfucker can go swallow a live porcupine. Good thing I already disconnected my service.


EDIT: he has withdrawn his post. Eh I keep that picture for the giggles.


I didn’t realise it had been posted 3 years ago. I thought it was a morning musing of his.


It’s just as relevant now, if not more. Did you know Trump believes the human body is like a battery and contains a finite amount of energy?


I’m sorry but, this man is a fucking IDIOT.


I kind of hope people burn a few buildings in response to this whole net neutrality thing. Also, Anonymous doxed Ajit Pai on Twitter. He’s having a GREAT time.


Oh don’t worry,Ajit Pai just ruined his life.
He already has been:
Doxed,called a puppet by a few internet pioneers,threatened of death,insulted and mocked all across the web,received montains of vitriol and hatred for what he has done,received a buttload of pizza orders to his house(his neighboors say that he has been getting them nonstop every halfhour),turned into a joke along with his career, and turned into one of the most hated man on the planet right now. And it has just been the first day since Net Neutrality has died,I assume he will start getting swatted. Not to mention pubblicly harassed. Eventually he is also going to lose this fight (because it’s inevitable,ultimately the people always hold the power,not to mention the companies sustaining us as well) and his career is going to be done. His family name has and will be dragged through the mud as he,afterall,is the guy that tried to kill the internet,and they will all be scrutinized. No one will ever give the guy a break and he will become even more an international punching sack and laughing stock.
Worst case scenario? Deep Web Hitmen/Insane people snapping against him. We’ve had news of people getting killed for much much less than this. Not saying he deserves it,but if he doesn’t step down,eventually someone will make him.
All in all,he isn’t going far. Not at all.

Edit: Apparently they are also targeting his family! They left a few messages in his neighboorhood about his 2 kids asking him “How will they ever look you in the eye again?” and other things similiar to that. They also left a few fliers in his neighboorhood to get people to harass him or something like that.


I know that the Police in the UK are often used as a favourable comparison to US Police when discussing things like shootings of unarmed people and de-escalation, but the awful realities of structural racism are no different here in the UK than they are anywhere else in the world.

This is just heartbreaking. Obviously it is a positive thing to see so many officers being sacked for misconduct over this but it makes you question just how deep it runs. Is it curable at this point? I am starting to doubt it.


And what the… is wrong with people? From BBC news:

The disabled Iranian refugee was beaten to death and set alight on a Bristol estate in July 2013.


I called. One was an automated answering system allowing me to leave a message. My other Senator actually had someone answer the phone and take down my message.