General News Thread 2.0


Can’t wait for Trump to speak on this. Doesn’t believe the intelligence services when they tell him about Russia but this story fits right into his nuclear narrative.


This is satire so the story is not real but the reactions to it are pretty funny.

A man was arrested for making a million dollars selling chuck e cheese kids tokens as bitcoins. (Fake)

I am just mad I didn’t think of this first and did it myself. I mean shit I guess I still can these Midwestern boomers don’t know shit.

Great American hustle, ain’t a damn thing wrong with that. Hats off.


Aaand of couse the scammer had to be black. Like… seriously, a white thief? In the USA? Naaah.


they had to make it believable to an American audience.


The crime of the century.


This is some really dumb shit.



One thing I don’t get about the whole net neutrality business.

FCC says that things will go back to the way they were prior to 2015, before the net neutrality decision was made. I don’t remember any drama in the US about ISPs charging for “social media bundles” or “video streaming bundles” like people are doomsaying they will now.

So… what’s the big fuss about? I mean if they roll back to the way thing were 2 years ago, why does everyone act like the world is ending? I don’t remember any americans complaining about the sites being blocked or throttled by the corporations back then. Why is this a concern now?


This guy holds his ego in such high regard it is disgusting. The fact that he’s threatening to withhold funding over this is outrageous. The US should face sanctions for such behaviour. The votes should be made anonymous to protect countries which would be left vulnerable to US withdrawing funds.


It is quite a task to filter and slow down all internet packets by the place they come from or go to and by the individual user who bought what ever modules. In the past, or the early Internet days, this task was utopic and nobody had an idea about this weird Internet anyway.

Today it is easily possible. So if we want to keep neutral handling of Internet traffic, we need the laws.


In Chile, Portugal and so many other countries, what phone companies do is stuff like “we will raise the value of all our internet services but as compensation we will give free whatsapp for a year so that anything you send or download from whastapp does not count towards your bill” however the increase of the cost is still not justified with that “saving”. I am definetelly sure that this will happen in the USA. However stuff like “block netflix 'cuz we’re AT&T and we want ppl using DirecTV” is idiotic rant.


Because ISPs immediately removed any promises that they wouldn’t throttle after news of the repeal spread. That’s more or less confirmation that they’re definitely planning to do so, even if it’s not immediate. Not to mention the fact that we already pay more for less service in America compared to ISPs in most other countries. What happens with the repeal in its final stages could very well affect how the rest of the world’s ISPs will charge for their services.


Oh Dear


He acts like a fucking child. Someone needs to slap him and put him in the corner. It’s past his bedtime.


A possible terror attack in Australia :open_mouth:?:


Police do not believe the incident was terror-related

Police do not believe the driver was motivated by terrorism. The 32-year-old had mental health issues and was known to police in regards to minor traffic offences and a minor assault in 2010

Picture of the car that was used.

AT LEAST 13 pedestrians have been struck by an out-of-control car on Flinders St between Elizabeth and Swanston streets in the heart of Melbourne this afternoon.

The driver of the car and a second man have been arrested by police. It is believed the two men are close relatives.

The two men in custody are being questioned by police as investigators try to determine whether the crash was deliberate.

Police arrest a man who was in the Suzuki Vitara that mowed down CBD pedestrians. Photo: @LachlanVe/Twitter

Speaking during a press conference at the scene just after 7pm, Commander Russell Barrett did not rule out terrorism as a possible motive.

“We believe based on what we’ve seen it is a deliberate act,” he said. "It is too early in the investigation to discuss motivation.


Vintage Trump Holding His Ego Higher Than The Moon
Look At Him Go


I am curious to hear you all’s thoughts on Bitcoin.

Looks like the G20 next year is going to be talking about trying to regulate it in some way.

Anybody into bitcoin or other Crypto?

I have a few crypto’s myself.


I have been inspired by the fake story of a man selling chuck e cheese coins as bitcoin. So I have ordered a few of those bitcoin props that news organizations always show, and see if I can sell some to the ignorant.

“Listen I have come up on hard times, so I need to sell this fast, Listen this coin is going for 16k right now. Look I’ll sell it to you right now for $200. Okay, look listen I like you dude I’ll go ahead and let you get it for $50 I just need some cash right quick.”


I think I should have picked up some coins in the early days, but this is just a gambling thing. You know, Who is mad to not have won the lottery? I am not. :smiley:

I am more eager to see how the EU tries to regulate it as I can’t imagine a way to do that. Especially as most of the coins are in China if I am not wrong.

I like the idealistic idea of it though. But the fact all transactions are visible to others is not attractive to me.


128(voted against Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital)-9(in favour)


Cool, the world can’t or must not be dictated by Trump, he tries to dictate the US and now he tried to do the same with the rest of the world, i’m happy he failed.