General News Thread 2.0


I don’t know about that.

According to Amb. Nikki Haley the will of the American people is to move the embassy. Looks like they still plan on doing that.

Ya know Israel is the greatest victim in the world and all that jazz


I despise the concept but would gladly take advantage of it given the chance.

“Hey, I have this thing in my PC that is absolutely useless. No official institution vouches for it either. But hey, I think it’s worth $20. So hey, buy it from me and sell it to someone for $25! It’s worth what people who buy it want to offer you, but has no inherent use or recognition! Freedom!”

That’s literally a videogame F2P market but in real life, with people selling their entire house for bitcoins in the hope that someone will buy those in three years for quadruple what they spent. It is insane.


Owned. Even Russia voted against him.


I do believe the word for such a situation is… “rekt”.


Honestly, i’ve never seen a guy soo deluded and meglomaniac. Making the rich-richer and fucking the middle class. He says islam is bad blah blah but made a multi billion dollar weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. For what purpose does that country need a billion dollars worth of weapons? Oh, to supply it to terrorists, just laundering weapons.

It pisses me off that this man has done nothing productive but just removed laws from Obama era just to stroke his pee-pee ego. Cunt.



Not Just arabs but same has been done with multiple cultures across the globe. Chinese/japanese, Indians, Africans etc. Specifically those who understand what orientalist studies are.


Which is funny, since Russia officially recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


it seems he received a call from micky mouse, too bad…


That still does not Make Movie any better,Least for me


I’m worried about our favourite cunt-in-chief’s health. It’s been awhile since he’s said anything controversial. Is he alright?


Last i read about him, the 24th i think it was, he was inviting our prime minister to the White House, but i try my best to avoid reading about him and Kim Jong-Un, they scare the… out of me, so i have started to follow the less you know the better quote, because my mental health have it much better that way :flushed:.


It’s Christmas, he’s been too busy boasting about how he’s singlehandedly responsible for the return of the phrase “Merry Christmas” because everyone knows there was a war on Christmas whilst Obama the Kenyan Muslim was in office.



@scm97tl Hey you live in Mexico? Is it true that Mexico Mafia killed some youtuber?


I also read about that. Seemingly El Mencho’s men killed Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales because he had said that El Mencho should go fuck himself or something.

Here’s also another case, US cops back at it again.


Yeah. He was “El Pirata de Culiacán”. Insulted a local drug lord and in retribution he got gunned down by a pair of hitmen while at a bar. 15 gunshots.


Donald Dump


…How can anyone be so stupid?


This is the same guy who allegedly said all Haitians have AIDS and that Nigerians would never go back to their huts in Africa once they see America. He’s clearly trying to outdo himself every day.