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Wow! Just read about it in norwegian news:

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office confirmed multiple deputies are down after shots were fired at them early Sunday morning. The severity of their injuries is unknown.

The sheriff’s office first told 11 News the situation is, “Not looking good for us.”

The shots fired happened in the 3400 block of County Line Road and is still an active scene. That’s between Colorado and University boulevards in Highlands Ranch area.

Deputies warned the public to avoid the area. There are currently road closures in place. County Line Road from Colorado to University boulevards is closed, as well as C-370 between Quebec Street and University Boulevard.

A “Code Red” was sent to residents in the area, warning people to shelter in place and to avoid windows and exterior walls.

Because of the incident, deputies say several law enforcement agencies are on “accident alert.” That includes Douglas County, Parker Police Department, Lone Tree Police Department, Castle Rock Police Department and Colorado State Patrol.

11 News has a crew on the way. Check back for updates.


Kim Jong Un sues for peace with South Korea:


That’s a bit wow and a bit of a relief, 2018 starts with a little step in the right direction :grinning:.




Someone recently used the police to assassinate a random person.

Two guys fighting over a gambling bet of less than $5 bucks lead to a third guy totally unconnected getting killed by the police. Tyler Barris,25 used the police to kill Andrew Finch, 28

IMO there is enough blame to go around but the police need to take blame for this. The police cannot be used by citizens to murder other citizens. For police to become reliable cheap hit men is dangerous. The police shot Mr. Finch, before he even came to the door. There was no failed to follow orders. There was no he moved to fast. They shot him through his closed door before they even saw his face.

So to me that’s a problem. Police apologist can’t cover this shooting with the usual victim blaming rhetoric. Yes the cops were told a bogus story but they also had a responsibility to verify. Not only could that have been the child they were told about in the bogus story but that could have been the wrong house, could have been using the mom as a human shield. I mean how reckless is that?

Of course with hindsight being 20/20 I still feel like the person taking the call should have been better trained. I think that there were warning signs that this guy was trying to set something up-at minimum a police trap. He didn’t seem to know the house lay out. At one point just saying that the door “Just faces the street” He seems real eager for the cops to get to the house-at one point giving the zip code. He doesn’t want to give his racial background for identification-he just changes subject. So the cops show up not knowing anything-other than some people are held hostage in house that may go up in flames with a guy with a handgun of some type. So of course they shoot through the front door.

Of course the bulk of all this blame is on the guy who called in the cops. I say this was premeditated murder on Mr. Barris part but I wanna see manslaughter charges brought up on the cop who shot Mr. Finch through the door. We cannot allow the police to be used by cowardly criminals to kill innocent people.


Yeah… not going to happen. Blue Wall of Silence.


This could also be the second amendments fault, police assume “everybody” own some kind of weapon and shots first and asks questions later, but it as much the police fault as well, because i don’t thing they are supposed to fire their guns without seeing the peron or a weapon first.

This didn’t help either and maybe made all police scared?:

But again, police should not go around shooting people just because they are afraid for been shot at or the person could have a gun or not.


Actually, asides from the fact that I am already a defender of the right to own arms, these are situations that make me happy to see the law protecting it. If cops are a sistematically biased and untrained gang of goons then how can you trust them to protect you? It’s good that you have the means to do so otherwise.


Well, without the second amendment and without almost everybody can own a gun, you wouldn’t need a gun to feel safe and in my opinion it’s false safety, if someone is trying to kill you, you would’t have the time to react, maybe if you are as fast as Lucky Luck to draw your gun or if someone is breaking into your home and screams i’m going to kill you.

Therefore i’m happy i live in Norway, no need for owning a gun to feel safe here, why?
Because we have very strict gun control and we are not allowed to carry any type of knives or other sharp objects in public either.


I’d say it is more likely due to a toxic culture of Policing which has become entirely reactive, built on aggression, distrust and assuming the worst case scenario in every single event - No matter the circumstances. A man was shot dead on his doorstep because some fucking idiot placed a prank call. Yes, that person shares some of the responsibility but the Police are the ones who overreacted so spectacularly (They were told it was a hostage situation and yet they’re firing?) and it will be very difficult to make a case proving the prank caller knew the likely outcome and intended for that to happen. I don’t want to see this officer returning to duty whilst the prankster sits in a prison cell for 30 years. That doesn’t solve anything, that isn’t justice. Both share a degree of responsibility but the Police culture that allows this to happen needs to be fully, rigorously examined and the officer who killed Mr Finch needs to be held personally accountable too. This isn’t an isolated incident, it happens all the time.

No doubt some people will defend the Police response by saying that because of the amount of guns in American society, Police simply have to go in to anonymous tips like this with their guns drawn and prepared to fire - But that diminishes the Police role in the outcome of this utterly senseless death, limits their overall culpability and does nothing to tackle the aggressive, shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality they adopt. I mean, look at this quote from a news report:

Wichita Police Deputy Chief Troy Livingston said the responding officers shot Andrew Finch because he moved his hands toward his waist.

…Yes, this is real. This is how they operate. They’ll shoot you dead on your own doorstep because you move your hands towards your waist. They don’t even need to wait for you to reach into your waistline, or to see a gun. They just have to feel “scared for their safety and the safety of their colleagues” to be able to end your life. Your life is so utterly expendable now that you can be shot dead for moving your hands in a direction that “scares” a police officer. There are no words for how ridiculously fucked up this is.

This is a high profile case, and as such there’s a chance the officers involved won’t have the opportunity to get their stories fixed and straightened before having to report to anyone investigating the incident due to the higher than normal level of scrutiny being directed at them. Usually, Cops will protect each other like the little mafia they are because they look after themselves first and everyone else second.


I agree, there is no excuse for what the police did in this situation, like i said i thought police is only allowed to fire if they see a gun.

When officers arrived at the scene, Finch opened the door for the officers. As police told him to put his hands up, Finch moved a hand toward the area of his waistband - a common place where guns are concealed. An officer, fearing the man was reaching for a gun, fired a single shot. Finch died a few minutes later at a hospital and was found to be unarmed, Livingston said.

This is of course a bad excuse, but it also give us a picture of how the gun laws is in the US, almost everybody is allowed to have and carry a gun and it looks like all police assume everybody does, maybe police uses this to hide behind for their own bad decisions as well, but without the second amendment and all the guns amongst the population, they couldn’t hide behind this.

It’s also disturbing to not find anything about what will happen to the officer that shot Andrew Finch, looks like the caller is getting all the blame and the officer is not blamed at all :roll_eyes:.


“Placed on leave pending investigation” apparently.