General News Thread 2.0


In this case they were responding to a call claiming he had shot his father in the head and was holding the rest of his family at gunpoint (and poured gasoline around the house), so I’d say they’d have to assume he had a gun.


Yes, but still, he shouldn’t fire before he was absolutly sure the person had a gun, i didn’t think assumptions was good enough reason for shooting someone.


Where did the call come from tho? Can you be in fucking Dallas and call 911 saying that you know of a guy in Atlanta who has kidnapped his family? Without neighbor reports? Like… Couldn’t the 911 operator tell the cops the geographical location of the caller and stuff?

Can’t click the links now. Kinda busy.


The call came from California to the police in Kansas.

I have had a friend from Maryland call the cops on my neighbor in Kansas before.

I dunno but I think as long as it’s a cell phone they don’t question your area code.


Here we go
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And again:

A 16-year-old boy was accused Monday of using a semi-automatic rifle to gun down his parents, sister and a family friend at their Jersey Shore home on New Year’s Eve

Scott Kologi was arrested without incident and the Century Arms semi-automatic rifle — which was legally registered to a resident in the home — was seized, authorities said.


For me it looks like weapons is not locked down or anything in US, here in Norway, if you have a weapon license and a weapon it have to be locked in a gun cabinet made of steel, Ammunition shall not be locked in the same place as the weapon, but locked in another cabinet or in a drawer.


What kind of family needs a semi auto rifle? da fak are they protecting themselves from? Zombies? Ninjas? are they living in Iraq where bombs are dropping from sky and people are rioting and killing? No, a fucking suburb. The mentality of some idiots that think GUNS protect them :clap::clap: :clap: :clap:


What is this, a YouTube comments section?


Aaand another tragedy happens. Like DJ Khaled. Another One. And still,nothing changes. 2018 started and nothing is being done to prevent the same old mistakes. Police brutality or abuse of gunpower resulting in them killing ANOTHER civilian that was innocent? Check. Another menslaughter that happened because of gun owning?Check.
Let’s focus on this more recent family massacre on New Year’s Eve.
I get it,really,the appeal and purpose of owning a gun. I do. It’s cool,makes you feel safer in case of a break in,it’s useful for hunting…but the family in question lived in a suburb. What the fuck is the purpose of a gun in the safe suburbs where police is close by? I get owning a gun to protect yourself if you live in a dangerous place or if the police where you live is far away (and by the way,not really even sure how effective it is nowadays,some policemen are acting as if they were an hitsquad) but in a suburb it seems more of a safety hazard than anything.
Now,not that they were supposed to know that their son was going to suddenly snap. He is autistic but still,not something to be expected…
Also,the article said they weren’t really into guns,so one,besides being sad for this mess,has to wonder why the gun was there in the first place. Sad fucking news.


Look at this fucking shit.


Please tell me this is not the case, is it really?

Police Officer Stephen Mader was fired from his job for not killing a Black man when he could have. He’s now in a battle that seems both absurd and highlights the absurdity of our times: He has to sue to regain his reputation and his right to work because he did not kill a suicidal man who was “armed” with an unloaded gun.

That’s right — an unloaded gun.


My cynical Corporate Exec mind reads it as:

“North Korea has growing famine and health issues, and possibly a stalled or incomplete Atomic Weapons program. A series of tests meant to cow the West have instead pushed the United States into closing off North Korea’s trade options and the money may be running dry. With China and Russia both agreeing to sanction North Korea, Kim knows his options of staying alive and keeping his machine running are slim. Kim knows now the Americans may want to remove him, that the Chinese only want him as a buffer state, and that Russia has no interest in seeing another nuclear power emerge. The only country in the world left that might be made to agree with him is South Korea.”


Its like the precinct tried to commit suicide but failed, and now they have the Brian of a 2 year old.


Now they’re literally comparing dick sizes.

It ended a quickfire day of tweeting by Mr Trump that included taking credit for a lack of plane crashes, announcing awards for “corrupt media”, and threatening to pull aid from Palestinians who do not show “appreciation or respect”.


That’s it I’m going to send my resume to the White House, as a social educator with a special in Kindergarten. I really think I could work wonders with the little Orange guy.


I think you’d do a tremendous job Mads. Great. The best. After all, this is
basically a schoolyard fight, just with the threat of nuclear annihilation
hanging over the entire world.




@ingrobny my first response was this, the man is not fit to lead a country.


I wouldn’t use that word though, it’s insulting to others that can read that tweet, i would say something he seems not to be able to do, like Trump why can’t you be a better man or Kim Jong-Un seeks peace, but you seek war etc etc and etc :smiley:.

That’s much better, because it is true :smiley:.


So should we be comforted or alarmed that Trump and Jong Un are comfortable trading dick jokes with each other.


I’m not sure, but in my opinion we would be better off without that tweet from Trump, he just have to have the last word dosen’t he.