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We often talk about human shield in Hitman. Where I live, some days ago, someone did it really with an old woman, to protect himself from a rival crime gang that tried to kill him. The woman was shot to death and that coward only injured. Very sad!


Is he going to prison? If so, don’t worry, he’ll probably have it bad in there.


I hope, but I don’t know, because he didn’t shoot the woman. His rivals did it. Now he’s in the hospital because one bullet hit him in the shoulder. Maybe someone will try again to kill him if he won’t be arrested. However I hope they will all punished


What? No way.

He put that woman’s life in danger. like he literally put her in the path of a bullet.



Many of you know I have little tolerance for patriotism and fnd it moronic. However, I am proud of the National Health Service in my country. It is one of the only true egalitarian concepts in our increasingly selfish, class driven capitalist society, one which we all use, and one which protects everyone.

Which is why this makes me truly sad and angry:

But Prof Suzanne Mason, of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said the measures were “too little too late” as hospitals simply had no beds free and these treatments would have had to be cancelled anyway.

She added: "Patient safety is being compromised - there’s no doubt about that. When patients are in crowded emergency departments and staff cannot actually move between patients and provide the basic level of care that’s required, then safety is compromised.

"Patients who spend many hours on a trolley - and these are often elderly patients - they are the sickest patients in our department.

“They are much more likely to have a poorer outcome and even die as a result of their experience in the emergency department. And that is a huge tragedy for us in our specialty and that’s why we are so desperate to see things improve.”

It is not a coincidence that this is happening at a time when the NHS is in the middle of its toughest financial squeeze since it was created. Every January, this happens - And every January it is the worst ever period for the NHS.

Jeremy Hunt needs to go, and the Tory Government needs to make way fir a new one that won’t run our best public service into the ground.


Yes, you’re right. It’s like he killed her


Already pre-ordered, but now I really want to read it!


He will be definitely processed as a criminal,a murderer. It’s the same thing as if I pushed Rocco under a bus. I’m liable for his death. The shooter is going to be charged with one charge of attempted murder and one of murder,too,most likely. I mean,it’s only logical,right?


2018 has just started and we are already at the verge of a motherfucking shitstorm of massive proportions,and not only regarding our beautiful justice system or our politics. Nonono,our society gets more and more fucked up by the minute.

It’s just crazy,fucking insane,how in our society full blown sociopaths (because we are talking about a man who,upon discovering a dead man who took his own life,could only think about how it could benefit him,so a shell of a man) somehow manage to stay on top,to stay relevant and afloat,just like Mr. Paul did. I sincerely do not care for his pathetic cringeworthy vlogs,or for his scumbag brother and all that drama bullshit,never have never will,but this one…I wanted to see if he was that desperate to clickbait. I saw it myself,the video. He laughed. No common sense,no feelings,just laughs and vlogging around a corpse,even showing its purple ish hands,while he knows he has an audience of kids. This goes beyond “drama”. This is a problem in our society,this egotistical behaviour,the loss of common sense,of selflessness,of values,and the gaining of this lust,an endless one,for fame,even temporary fame. This chase for money,at whatever cost,and for attention. His fans,with their cult like mentality,are also a demonstration of what is becoming of our society. One of them had the gal to say that the dead man should thank Logan for being in his vlog. I rarely get this emotionally involved but I’m currently angry,as angry as I can be,that our society has allowed this waste of air of a man to become rich,an actor even,an I feel ashamed that I walk the same earth he does. Disgusting. He disgusted me. Some people are very lonely. Some people endure so much fucking pain. And this scumbag comes along,ridicules it all. I had a friend who was turning suicidal. I convinced her to stop,she asked for help and for months I helped her and to think that some people take suicide as a money opportunity and nothing else makes me want to puke. Our society has some deep problems that truly need to be eradicated and I think that this highlights very well the level many of us have sunk to. I know,not as important as other news but I just wanted to vent somewhere and I figured here was a good place,especially because this story is blowing up the internet all over the world,and I’d like to know your 2 cents as well.


Is that the guy with the green winter hat who just turned into a meme for anything suicide related?


Yup,that would be the same goddamn moron. Also,that fucking hat. Upon discovering a corpse he doesn’t even have the decency to get his stupid fucking hat off,and his stupidity is,indeed my buddy,becoming a meme.


Yeah. It was getting strange to see his pic in many things. Given the full access to graphical violence that is real these days, I’m not surprised how this is going. Reminds me of the case for the shooter of a school in Moterrey: a serious issue that just got tons on laughs.


Arguably just ignoring the book and letting it come out with out any comment would of been a better strategy than trying to block it. By blocking it, it makes Trump look like he is trying to hide something.


Yup, and now it’s coming out four days early! Thank you, Trump, for helping make Macmillan more money.


Old news I can not know for certain the mental state of Logan Paul. Assuming it seems largely immature. All we know is that thanks to the internet and YouTube, anyone can produce a channel in which they can broadcast any show that they feel has viral potential. Take into account that because of the extreme level of independence given by this platform, many of these youtubers may not even have a manager, a publicist or a marketing team so they have to go with whatever they may think will be innovative and dramatical. However, is it a tremendously bad idea to go to the Suicide Forest to find a corpse and mock it to later on say you were “spreading awareness of suicide prevention” by mocking at people who do it, a bad idea? Sure as fucking hell it is a bad idea and he deserves all the criticism for it. Particularly when not over theee months ago his brother (who is much more infamous than him) made a much better job adressing suicide prevention and mocking suicide victims as well…

So overall, very bad idea. He deserves the backlash. Assuming his mental condition is a bit much. Taking him as an example of how rotten our society is, is way too much. In fact all the backlash he got just stands to testify how good we can get to be.


The fact that he started Joking with His friends was far more disgusting. But yeah Old News


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What on earth are you talking about?


Allow me to be an @Expert translator

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Pride of the «National Health Service» of your country?

You mutate like your avatar? The next?

French sounding scoff “You take pride in the national health services of your country?”
"Have you mutated to look like your avatar? What will be your next transformation?"
posts picture of what you will look like next


It’s just unbelievable how he starts joking and laughing around. Maybe it is a bit much to assume his mental state but that’s definitely not something a normal person would do. We won’t ever know for sure his mental state but right there and then,he showed his true colors of being an opportunistic parasite,and I also think it’s unbelievable how he reached fame. He is not a very big example of how bad our society is,surely,we have waay worse people out there. But he is an example among many to me.