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«Have you mutated to look like your avatar? What will your next transformation?»

You make fun of transgender people? I just write about nazi zombies in our sociaty. A simple metaphor.


Expert, you talk entirely in riddles.

Like a crap Jesus.


He isn’t making fun of transgenders,he rewrote your message correcting it’s grammactical errors.


These Paul brothers are just media hypes that will be forgotten within a couple of years and i agree that this idiot shouldn’t have made a BS vlog, in a jungle where suicides happen. He should’ve never uploaded the video, he wasn’t live streaming, he didn’t uploaded the raw footage by accident. He took the time to capture, edit and upload the video, just for VIEWS. Controversy = Popularity or more traffic to this pathetic fuck.

I honestly don’t care about him or his miserable vlog life, but i pity him cuz he’s a typical narcissist, attention whore who will be forgotten soon.




Da green ting area



Are you high?


Artificial Womb is here bois!!
(Although been around for a while but first open experiments)


Something that a majority of people don’t know about, especially the parrots who say every Muslim is a bad person or the countries in the east produces terrorists.


Oh look, an emotional page which tries to spread “knowledge” with colorful videos to counter the big media and their evil emotional, colorful videos. :sweat_smile:

Sorry but before we look for facts, we should think about who to trust. And “Free Thought Project” doesn’t sound like one. I know it is hard to find solid facts, but the world is no place where things are easy.


Agreed, but just think for a second, there were no bombs going off in the USA back in the 70s, people weren’t bothered if you were Muslim living in Afghanistan. Things have changed, mass media changes the thinking and opinions of people without them knowing or seeing the big picture. I’m just a messenger :slight_smile:


There are better ways of being a messenger of peace than following and spreading the idealism of another of those Facebook pages that at the end can be resumed in “Like and Share”.


Got it boi


I bet thats what mass media past the 70s says too. :joy:

No really, while media have an impact to the world, they surely have not fault alone. And having the main fault is already highly speculative too.

People have other problems today than back then, the near east was way more westernized back then. Today, with extremists on the rise there, people who have roots there might be affected too. Which is why some individuals go crazy in public.

And the white people were living in the cold war. With the soviets pointing hundrets of nukes on you, you surely dont care about islamism, even if it was that strong back then like it is today. There was no mind for such a topic. Which, plus the muslim world being more west, I think is the main reason there was not that much hate agains muslims in the 70s.

And this surely is also just a little piece of the puzzle. There probably is no “the problem” and “the cause”. There might be, but assuming there really is one is no knowledge but belief.


Recently a Kansas Law maker made the news over comments he made in regards to Marijuana and the nations changing laws.

In front of his all white constituents talking about the changing drug laws State Representative Steve Alford made these comments:

“What you need to do is go back to the 30’s when they outlawed all types of drugs in Kansas and across the United States what was the reason they did that? One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, was that the African-Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that,”

Even if the Representative and his ilk want to play intellectually dishonest games they only prove that the prohibition of marijuana started and remains a racial issue at heart. The logic is you can’t let the colored smoke weed or they will go around having sex with white women. The laws against marijuana are aimed at putting blacks in jail thus taking away the right to vote and curbing Hispanic migration since you can kick em out for drug offenses quick and easy.

Regardless the Representative is correct. I for one as a black male cannot handle the potent mind controlling side effects of Marijuana. The last time I even smelled it I started fantasizing about white women and thirsting for harder drugs. I wanted some white girls to go with my white girl. That’s reason enough to outlaw weed tiny black minds and inferior genetics can’t handle it.

Rep. Alford is correct, however, that there was a distinct racial component of early efforts to outlaw certain types of drugs. It was not, however, out of concern for minorities, but instead part of an active effort to target them.

Harry Anslinger, the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (a predecessor of the Drug Enforcement Administration), zealously pursued marijuana prohibition in the 1930s in part due to a belief, echoed 70 years later in Rep. Alford’s remarks, that it was primarily used by blacks and Hispanics.

Racism was “commonplace in Anslinger’s discussion of marijuana,” as John Hudak, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, describes in his book Marijuana: A Short History. Among other things, Anslinger testified before the House Ways and Means Committee in 1937 that “colored students at the University of Minnesota [were] partying with [white] female students, smoking and getting sympathy with their stories of racial persecution. Result - pregnancy.”

And just to clear up any confusion. Rep. Alford is not a racist. He is the farthest thing from a racist.

“He came up and told me I’m a racist,” Alford told The Capital-Journal. “I’m about as far from being a racist as I could get.”

I was gonna go smoke tonight but I’ll think better of it. I don’t know what I am liable to do…my hands start shaking I work up a sweat and I just yell: A! WHERE THE WHITE WOMEN AT!


Thank you, messenger.


Courtesy of Soldier of Fortune.

Several issues from 1981 also depict an Afghan mujahid impaling a Soviet Army soldier with a rifle bayonet on the back cover.

Buy a Bullet, Zap a Russian Invader


I wanted to add to that post that if Near East had offered a hand against the commies, the US surely would have taken it. I should have known that already happened. :joy:


This is what I was afraid would happen, and it is an inevitable consequence of the war of attrition being waged against the NHS since 2010 by the Government.

Our wonderful health service is being systematically destroyed from the top down by heartless, career driven politicians who care more about maintaining power at all costs than they do about the health of the nation’s people. This is entirely their fault. The NHS is in the midst of its tightest financial squeeze ever. A&E wait times are at a record high. Winter pressures have never been worse, leading to the cancellation of ALL routine, non urgent operations at dozens of NHS Trusts across the country for an entire month - And now people are dying in hospital corridors because staff are lacking the proper resources to deal with this crisis. This is untenable and something has to change immediately.

There is a single point of failure here and it isn’t the immigrants that we love to use as scapegoats for all of our problems - This is the fault of Jeremy Hunt and the Conservative government he is a part of. They have blood on their hands. The fact that Jeremy Hunt kept his job as Health Secretary during the reshuffle on Monday is just a complete slap in the face. He’s overseen the harshest cuts in the history of the NHS during his tenure. He’s pushed PFI contracts for external contractors. Junior doctors had unfair new contracts imposed by him, and staged the first EVER strikes in the history of the health service last year due to being overworked and underfunded. Medical staff at the highest levels routinely speak out and call the situation untenable due to their compromised ability to care for patients. They’ve been routinely dismissed and ignored and now people are dying. I’m just so depressed and angry - This is a beautiful health service, one of the only true socialist and egalitarian concepts this country has left - And it is being set up to fail by this lizard scumfuck who wants to see it privatized.

Dear Theresa May - Sack Jeremy Hunt. Give the NHS the money it needs, and then do the entire nation a favour by calling another election so the voters of this country can finally consign your evil, disgusting party to the political oblivion that it is so deserving of.


Unexpected. But rage inducing nonetheless.