General News Thread 2.0


Then maybe we fundamentally disagree on what is considered right - because I wouldn’t call anything that Reagan and his administration did during the iran-contra scandal to be right. In fact you could argue that was a watershed moment in American politics for the single reason that accountability, transparency and even the truth stopped being important.


The money has been wired to your account. Good job 47.


It’s not bad to be the norwegian military these days, first we bought F-52s from the US and now Bethesda will provide us with T-60 power armor as well :joy:


Don’t mess with the Norwegians! :laughing:


This is amazing.


Damn it!
We (the Swedes) were just about to plan our invasion to get your oil and fjords, Abort! Abort!


Hahaha, it sure is, we will have COD players for fighting jet pilots, because only they know how to fly a F-52 and our infantry will be filled with people who have played at least Fallout 4 :joy:

And this guy have it already ready for shipment :joy:.

Hahaha, not wise to do when we have brand new F-52s and T-60 power armor, it would be better if Bethesda could give us X-01, but hey who i’m i to complain, it looks like we are getting them for free, so T-60 is better than nothing and maybe we will have some fatboys with mini nukes as well? :joy:

Better now? X-01 and not T-90 :flushed:, i mentioned Fallout 3 because it also had power armor, so those who played Fallout 3 in T-45d power armor would also be able to use T-60 or X-01 power armor :wink:.


There are at least two lore mistakes on this post… Just sayin’.


Where do I sign?


Fallout 2 New California Republic Flag


Trump’s America.


The demographic war continues.

I remain hopeful that these people will be brought back to America with a hero’s welcome.

When I think of those DACA kids…I couldn’t even put myself in their shoes and I wanna leave America.
The President is playing “my feelings got hurt” games over people’s lives.


Republicans are theoretically supposed to be all about deregulation and
cutting governmental red tape so that ordinary people can get on with their
lives. Right? In theory?

So why are they happy to use said red tape and regulation against
immigrants? That’s what this is. He’s lived there over 30 years. He has a
family, friends, a life in the USA because he came when he was 10 and
likely had very little say in the matter. He’s essentially being deported
because some fucking paperwork wasn’t done. It’s ridiculous, sad and


well seems white folks dont like the idea of ppl coming to their land uninvited as much as going to other ppl’s lands uninvited. color me shocked


Boy pretty much every somewhat moderate party on this globe is far away from what theory suggests it to do. Nobody is true to one’s ideals anymore. If the polls go down, they throw the ideals away or get thrown away from their party.


I know that the NCR stuff is a joke, but honestly why does a “New California” need to exist?


IIRC this idea came up when Trump was very popular at the coastal area and the rural area was way more pro-Trump. Also I imagine SIlicon Valley might benefit from such a thing, but this is just a wild guess.


Speaking in generalities, sure. But not everyone has abandoned their ideas. Many prominent politicians have held the same set of views for decades which are finally coming around to popularity after years of cronyism. We can debate the merits of people like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn all we like but I wouldn’t question either of them when it comes to their convictions.

But Western politics in general yes, is very venal and self serving.


can’t wait


HOI4 I guess? I’m playing the 3rd one. My video ram can’t handle much more than that.